Newcomer, again.

Glad to find this place. I really need a place to put this stuff in my head on a screen and take a look at it, as well as seeing others do the same. It's nice to know I'm not alone.

Or am I?

There was a time I actually had over 2 1/2 years clean from this gambling addiction. Then I kinda slipped away from those things that were keeping me in recovery - mainly working with others that suffered the same malady as myself.

This is one tricky bugger. You know in a little over a month I'll have been sober for 9 years in a row. Yep, I'm one of them too. The only lottery I've ever one is the addiction one. Pick one and I've either had it or am a prime candidate to get it in reasonably short order.

No booze for the better part of a decade. No weed for over a decade. No "blow" for over a decade and a half. But the gambling... Day 1 again.

But I'm not dead yet nor planning that kind of an exit. I've been through early recovery before and one day at a time will revisit those past clean time tunnels.

For now, I just have to accept that it's day one.

And I've accomplished quite a bit today. I didn't have to place a bet today. And I found this place after searching the internet for a bjillion hours or so.

Thanks letting me in.

Best Regards,

Mr Boiny