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Hello everyone,
I'm 24 and for the past 2 years ive been addicted to hold'em. It first begun playing with college buddies for low stakes usually risking up to 100$ a night. After awhile the stakes became too boring and i decided i was ready to move on to high stakes. Before i knew it after a year or so i was down 4$k and the desire to make back the money led me on to move to even higher stakes. This past month alone i lost 20k$ which was all my savings i had worked years to save. On one hand im glad this downfall happened so quickly cause it made me panic and realise that I must stop playing. The good news is that all the money i lost was mine and right now im at the point that i dont owo any1 anything and that i can make a fresh start at life free of gambling and free of poker.

The stuff ive read on this site has reenforced me and has given me the strength to beat this sickness.

I hope that together we can overcome this addiction and get on with our lives.

I can't take this anymore!!!!!!

Hello my friend. My name is Nicholas Kiousis. Over the past 5 months, it has been a complete disaster for me. It turns out that gambling to make money is not the soulution i had in mind after all. I'd try everything to make more money as i could, but i just can't learn to quit while im ahead. I just can't help myself on doing that. It's now time for me to make a change for what i should've done months ago. I was supposed to be saving money so that way i can go to a good college for my career. My Mother has been relaing on me by paying bills and for food. But once i take 2 steps forward, i ended up taken 3 steps back. It always happens to me everytime it does that. I really shouldn't done that. I should've just stick to the sideline by making money the hard way. And Fall is just around the corner from me. Because if i don't save up any money at all, i'll be left stranded, and i'll be struggling every second that comes by. While other peole around me will be getting the education that they need except for me. Including my girlfriend is counting on me on saving money as well. I just don't want this to happen to me anymore. I'm personally giving up on gambling for a good cause. Then i'll realize how much money that i'll be saving upon except gambling for it. I'm hoping that someone like you would understand the drama and the horror that i've been to for this period of time. Thank You :)

listen man you have got to

listen man
you have got to be strong!! just dont think about it and about the money you have lost. Ive had many relapces and ive won some money back but always as u said its 2 steps forward and 4 steps back. all the money i won i ended up losing double the ammount so just stop it man. forget about the money gone and focus on working hard and getting a real job. real job money is money that stays with u and doesnt go back to the casino or whatever.
hope your strong man if u want to talk to me further look me up on msnger


Hi I'm new to this forum too.
I'd been problem gambler for many years.

According to my experience,not to relapse gambling is more difficult than stop gambling.