Harder to stop when in Debt

I've racked up a sizable debt from gambling the past several years. Is it just me or is it so much harder to stop when you know you've got a large debt to pay off.

I think its easier to stop when u've lost (for example) 50k in savings but you've got no debts to pay than to lose 20k but be in debt. I want a fresh start but then I look at my bank balance and go.......NO, I will only get a fresh start when I pay off my debts.

I know its going to take me several years to pay off and I always think the only way to escape this situation is to to gamble more. I'm stuck in my job right now and there's no way to get out. Its like as if im trapped, trapped in an imaginary jail right now.

Is anyone experiencing the same thing as I am? Where u find it harder to stop because you are in debt?

Of course! It is harder to

Of course! It is harder to stop gambling if you are under debt.
So what would you do for this situation?

To me, the main problem for problem gambler is " denying ".
Normally problem gambler unable to accept reality.
Let's say, you gamble and lost a few bucks. Normal people can accept that loss. But problem gambler can't do that way.

Thinking about losses again and again, regret and then??
Try more stakes to chase the losses. If you lose again, you reinforce your finance and chase again.

If you even win big, you can't stop gambling. Think about another big win and bet again. Lose , then chase. Never ending story.

So the first step to stop gambling is " accept reality".
You lost your money. Just accept it.

I agree with the previous

I agree with the previous poster with the additional observation that even if by some miracle you won it back, you would just lose it again. It is in your nature. You have to see that it is a losing game and quit cold turkey. Find a less expensive hobby. Take back your time and your life! Good luck :)

I agree, kind of

It is hard to quit when you're down. But it is hard to quit when you're winning too. It is particularly hard when you are winning and then you start losing.

Accept the debt as the inevitable result of your recent lifestyle. Take a few years and pay it off. Make it difficult for yourself to go back to the casino - ban yourself if possible. Prevent yourself from getting money from your credit card. Set your bank card daily withdrawal to something low.

It feels surprisingly good to not gamble and not even have the option to gamble. There is life outside the casino.

That is where I am at...

The problem I have realized is that once I start chasing, the non-sensible thinking occurs. I think I could stop if I had made up all my losses. However, the thought that I was able to win so much money when I was down would be hard to turn down. In other words, if I could win back $12000, what would prevent me from winning another $12000 and be up $12K?

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