I need help for my husband.

Hi my name is Debra. I'm in desparte need of help for my husbands gambling problem. My husband has been a gambler all his life. When we were married over 20 years ago we made a pact that as long as the mortgage and bills were paid I would not ask about what he did with his money. This worked for a while but its now out of control. Its the first thing he does when he wakes and the last thing he does before he sleeps. Spends days at the track or casino without telling his family where he is. When he is home he is constantly betting online. When I try to talk to him about it he says he does not have a problem. But yet will justify why he goes all the time. Things are being pawned from our home. A paid off vehicle now has a loan on it. Borrowing money from sisters and family when he does not need it. He takes his unemployment check to the track every week. Today just took the cake when I asked him to borrow 20 for my meds at the doctors office. He told me to get a job. Mind you that I'm disabled and cannot work. He was headed out the door with over 100 in his hand to go to the local western union to add to his betting account online. I follow him outside to the garage and begged him not to bet today that I needed my meds. He backed out the car and rev the engine and charged back into the garage hitting me against the wall of garage. Then stuck his head out the window and says he tired of my nagging and I don't tell him what to do. So now I'm afraid to say anything. What can I do? I'm at my last straw. I just can't take it anymore.

My name is also Debra.

My name is also Debra. Hello. I came to this site feeling alone and so sad about my own husbands gambling problem. He has been gambling for 6 years and i've had to be a watch dog over him so that he wouldn't get paid and blow his money in the casino instead of paying the bills. After reading your post I can see that I need to let him go, as i've already filed for divorce, or he'll never get better. I have no answer for you but gratitude to offer you for posting this.