Slot machine addiction

I installed Gamblock in October of 2004, it is a little past 3 months since I have on-lined gambled. I loved slots and would look for any casino to play them in. I had my shares of losing on the internet. I also had my shares of winning. However my patience never allowed me to collect any winnings. Making my life for torrid and less managable. I get frustrated at times, as gamblock also doesn't allow me to get into any sites. I was shopping on e-bay and wanted to look at a HARD ROCK CASINO shirt for my brother at Christmas. It booted me right out. I guess it sees everything I do. I was glad it got me in this site. I have been a compulsive gambler for over 12 years. Lost everything, and am quite ashamed of the damage it has done to me. But, hopefully self banning myself from Illinois Casino's and now the internet will help me achieve some of the goals I only dream of now. Losing 800.00 one night is nothing compared to what I lost on the internet some nights. But, 800.00 is just a start of what you can lose. You will never get it back. If you do you will only lose it over and over again. Install Gamblock the 30.00 is well spent money and in 3 months, when you look in your checking account, and see that there aren't all those withdrawals from on-line casinos you will thank yourself. I thank myself every day, and at times get frustrated with David Warr and want to reload every program on my computer from scratch. I will only hurt myself. I know I will toy with the idea of gambling on line. I know myself and know that I am a dieheart gambler who strives to get better with each passing day. Why ruin a good thing now. I have been able to pay my bills on time for the first time in a long time. I see my future will shape up if I don't gamble. I still buy scratch tickets once in a while. But overall, if I can't gamble on-line, then I won't gamble on line. Just Do IT.


Woow guys, I have read through this whole thread and congratulate you all on the effort put into helping each other.Anything that helps us NOT to gamble is priceless, fullstop.

What I fel like writing is the fact that this wicked illness entraps people like you and I from all over the world.Some may know me, I live in Australia and gambled compulsivly for near 20 years. There is not social, financial, educational or professional bias in snaring people into gambling. No matter where we are, who we are and why we got there, poker machines etc entrap us.

WE have never met, we are a on other sides of the world yet I know more about you the individual, tham members of my family etc.

I reckon this is worse than tobacco addiction.It costs society a hell of a lot more financially when an individual blows a paypacket in a few hours times millions of people while the government rakes in %30 of it in gambling taxes....

I also run site called No More Pokies here and if I help one person to DO something about their disease I am happy. Drop in and say hi

Keep up the great work friends...


Thanks for the all the words of encouragement. When nomorepokies said he thought gambling was worse that tobacco, I thought I'd post this. My friend said something very interesting the other day. He used to have a herion habit, and kicked that only to now have a gambling habit. Anyway, he said to me that he's rather have his herion habit back just because, financially, when he was shooting herion the most he could spend in a day was $600. That was the most herion he could shoot in a day. "That's just one bet to me now," he said. Wow. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. So to speak.



Hi Boom, It really is like that,the same with booze, you can get drunk quite cheeply if you want and fix your desire but a gambler does not go for a taste, 5 coins, we need to lose the lot, a few dollars is not punishment enough for us this is why we whip ourselves...

Take care