Loss lead to VLT addiction

I had no experience with it until 4 years ago - within a span of 3 months, my boyfiend passed away suddenly and I lost my home and everything in it due to an oil spill. So I had no companion, no "home", no memories (the things in the home that we often take for granted), and no independence. I had to go live with friends and spend all of my money on lawyers to fight the insurance company over the oil spill. It was months into this horrid state of affairs that my doctor diagnosed depression, and prescribed medication to help me cope.

The thing was, that I couldn't understand how some little pills were going to stop all of the crap that was happening to me. Now, I know that is an illogical thought - the fact was that the medication in all likelihood would have helped me cope with the challenges I faced.

Instead, I took whatever income I received and found an escape - VLTs. In front of a machine the thoughts of my losses vanished - I even felt a little "good" when I hit a big win. So in my case I would have to say that the depression fed the addiction - I needed an escape.

So, while previously I had been a social gambler, in this state I quickly became addicted. And am addicted to this day. Will forever take it one day at a time.