Saturday Afternoon

Hi everyone. I cannot believe all the disinformation that is out there concerning Gamblers Anonymous meetings. My experience is that I have been able to stop gambling, on my own, for certain lengths of time, but inevitably I went back to the casino and the feelings of despair and shame were greater than before (not to mention that I was losing greater amounts I was looking for a quick fix to stop me. I wouldn't accept the fact that I could never gamble again. It took many "suicide drives" home before I finally realized that gambling had beaten me up too many times and I needed help from someone, somewhere. I tried Gamblers Anonymous a few times but I didn't understand why it wasn't helping me. I have now been attending meetings every week for five months. This time I am "working" on my recovery. I am "working" on learning what the steps are and how to apply them in my life. I have not only stopped gambling, I have begun to learn more about myself and have regained my self-respect. This is my own opinion and not intended to promote Gamblers Anonymous. I just want to let you know that it is working for me. One day at a time. Kiki


Posted: 10 Jun 2006 05:58 pm Post subject:
Hi kiki. I'm thinking about trying the Gamblers Anonymous again. Haven't made up my mind yet.
Well everyone, here's an update on how the graduation party went. I actually had a good time. There was lots of family there, so I pretty much mingled with everyone. My mother in law did give me a hug and asked me how I was doing and before I left she told me she loved me and if I needed to talk to give her a call. My father in law didn't talk to me at all. He didn't treat me badly (he was pretty busy with the other family members) but he didn't say one word to me, not even bye. But, I can accept that. I'm sure it is going to take a long time before he forgives me.
How is everyone. I hope everyone had a great weekend. I'm still gamble free, almost 2 weeks and counting.


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Hello Everyone,

Just checking back in... and still gamble free!

I think that I read somewhere today, I forget where, maybe on this very site an article about Gambler's Anonymous and how it may not be for everyone and how it is everything to others. That there is no right way of quitting gambling but to quit the way that works for each individual. I've never went to a Gamblers Anonymous meeting but I have heard great success stories about Gamblers Anonymous, Alcoholics Anonymous and OA, etc. My gambling started after the death of my father and the loss of a very dear friend that I loved very much. I believe I used gambling as an avoidance.

Shell I was thinking about you today and am really happy for you as to how the party went. And. best of all, you are still gamble free! That was really sweet of your mother-in-law and with time, I think your father-in-law will come around too.

Last night was an emotional night for me as I had things bothering me with the kids and the hubby. Today was a much better day, I even went shopping and bought some new clothes and then out for dinner with the family. When I went shopping I was thinking how nice it was to be spending some money and having something to show for it. Tomorrow will be 5 weeks without gambling for me.

Have a great evening everyone!


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Shell-I'm so glad everything went well at the graduation. I know we have all been thinking about you today. I was so glad to see your post. The father-in-law is a perfect example of when to use the serenity prayer.
Ann-I totally relate to the frustrations of family and how I used those frustrations as an excuse to gamble. I have discovered that gambling became my answer of dealing with all of my emotions. It became a habit, of dealing with life's ups and downs, to escape from the stress. It is now something I am working on, learning new responses to those emotions instead of gambling. Big hugs and congrats on five weeks!
Have a great night everyone! Kiki