How can we spend our downtime?


Good morning everyone! I just read the posts from Guy and Moe and I think it would be a great idea to come up with some ideas for hobbies or activities we could do to help with the down time. It would be helpful if they required little or no money. Working out at the gym is a fantastic idea. I have a hobby making jewlery. For physical excercise I like to work outside in the yard or go for walks with my dog. Feedback?


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Hi Kiki,

One of the things I plan on doing, is going to the library more. It is free, which is a good thing, lol, and gets you out of the house. Plus when you're back, reading can also take up a lot of free time. My library also CD's and DVD's so that is pretty cool as well. I also was thinking of stuff like going to a park or museum...some museums I am sure are free. I'm about to go to church in my spare time, which I haven't done much at all lately, and I feel good about that, and that of course is free Just a few things that came to my head right now. Dan


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guy and John in the other thread inspired me. I checked into my local cities community rec center and they have a decent enough gym that I can use. I drove there and checked it out. Only about 3 miles from where I live and Its only $17.50 a month and you have to pay 4 months in advance. I am going to do it at the end of this month. Its only $70 for 4 months which beats the heck out of commercial gyms which typically charge $30-40/mo with a fee of around $180 to join.

Thats one thing - getting into better shape. I would also like to start golfing again but thats so expensive. Will have to wait another month or so for that.

I would like to find a hobby that I can do in off-hours. Something not dependant on something staying open. Perhaps some hobby or crafts. I have never gotten into Internet gambling so its safe for me to be on-line but thats not enough.