cj wrote:
Hi I'm not sure how to send out my first post so picked your name...I am on day 25 yes I'm counting. It is a struggle every day. I keep thinking back how difficult it was to function when I was always stressed out. I wasn't able to sleep due to money I lost, my work suffered because I couldn't focus from staying up all night playing the slots. I don't know where it all went down hill but somewhere along the line what turned into a fun night for me and my husband turned into an obsession that I couldn't let go of. So many nights I drove down a back road in WVA to get to the casino praying I wouldn't hit a deer or fall asleep due to exhaustion. I have been attending meetings once a week but that just isn't enough. I need to stay focused on this issue and just get though one month then I hope if will get easier. I have not made one month yet and I've been going to since the middle of March. I feel if I can just get through this month then I can do one day at time. I am so glad I found this website. I have read all of the messages and it's good to know I'm not alone.

Welcome CJ....

Congrats on having the courage and coming here for help. I know its not easy to admit it the horrible things we did for gambling....I remember as I played, I knew something was wrong...god how I would get mad yell at the computer...and this was all through my pregnancy, money I'm sure she could use some day for her college or wedding.....nothing to be upset or ashamed about ANYMORE..its over..and we're gonna go one day at time....welcome welcome welcome...!!!

Look forward to hearing from actually sent me a private message, if you want to put your story on the board, hit the START A NEW DISCUSSION Button, or reply to MY FIRST POST!!!


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Stacey - Thanks for posting my message. Still trying to figure out this site. Thanks for your kind words.


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CJ -- 25 days is great! Keep going and saying "I am getting more invincible everyday."
I only hit day 17 and yet I feel very cool indeed. It is nice to start gaining control again. I love the stress free days...this is good. Just think -- we were both at a very low point just a few weeks ago. It gets better we must help others and by doing so help ourselves. What I mean is this site helps us stay on task...

cheers, heres looking at you kid!