Father's Day


Hi Inky, Scotty, Kikit, Ann and everyone else. I'm glad to say" "I didn't gamble yesterday, I haven't gamble today and I have no plans to gamble tomorrow." Never tire of saying that! Happy fathers day out there to all you recovering compulsive gambling dads. Its a good feeling to know that I haven't lost any of my childrens' money in the past 9 days. I determined to keep those days in the past. Its funny my wife asked me if I wanted to go to the casino for fathers day. She knows I have a gambling problem but no idea how bad of a problem. She's one of the people that goes there with a $20 limit and means it. More than that if she wins $20 she quits. Something I was never able to do! I told her no that I didn't waste my time indoors for fathers day. This is a great achievment for me . 10 days ago I would have jumped at the chance to go to the casino without having to come up with an excuse as to where I was. I credit everyone on this site with this achievement. Thanks for a happy fathers day. ODAAT


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Hi guy60...

You are really doing great to be able to say "no" to gambling. If my husband would ask me to go it would still be very hard time saying no even though deep down I would know that I should. My husband knows how bad I have it because I have went into great detail to share with him the money isses and the torment I've been going through in my head to stay away from the casino. He is supporting me and making sure I go to my Gamblers Anonymous meetings every week and never speaks of gambling to me. You keep staying strong don't give up. If you do give up you will just be giving your money away to someone who doesn't even need it bad as you do. We all work to hard in life to throw our hard earned money away. Just keep saying I'm not going to gamble today. I am better than that. Congrats on staying away!!!


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Hello CJ, Guy, Stacey, Inky, Dan, Scotty, Kiki and everyone else.

Happy Father's day to all the fathers on this forum. Guy that was a huge step in saying no to going to the casino to your wife. Congratulations and keep it up, you're doing great!

I've been busy enough today to stay away from the casino, yet it's been a difficult day. It's father's day for one and I lost my Dad, I'm also home alone and not able to celebrate Father's Day appropriately with my husband and it's also the weekend which makes it more difficult for me as well. I was always more susceptible to gambling on weekends than on any other day of the week. So there are quite a few emotions rearing their ugly head today and I cannot deal with them the way that I used to, by going to gamble of course.

Next week I will be working on my 7th week without gambling. I can't give up now, I can't go back to that way of living ever. I'm nearing two months and I should be smiling ear to ear and be so happy, yet I only feel sad today.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday everyone, this too shall pass.


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Hi Ann and Friends,

Ann, you hit a good problem. I know there wil be days of temptation and days of sadness even in recovery from gambling. I think it is part of the psycology of the disease. Those feelings make us vulnerable -- truthfully, even being very happy is an extreme emotion that may make us Very Vulnerable to trying gmabling again.

A big flashing caution light should flash in our minds whenever we have extreme emotions of any kind. We should develop coping plans for when these feelings arrive.

Big smiles for Father's Day. Way to go Guy!

Scotty in Hawaii


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Hi Inky, Scotty, Kikit,CJ Ann and everyone else. I'm glad to say" "I didn't gamble yesterday, I haven't gamble today and I have no plans to gamble tomorrow." Never tire of saying that! Thanks for the congrats- I also feel good about that but I am under no illusion that it will still be a battle the next time I'm asked by someone. After you haven't gambled for a while (for me only 10 days) you start to think that maybe I could gamble just for fun like a lot of other people. WRONG!!!!!!!!! You have to asked yourself "how many times have I told myself that BS? " It should be obvious that we are unable to control this and just accept it forever. ODAAT. Good luck everybody and talk to you tommorow