I'm new to this site--I have a gambling problem


Hi everyone, I don't know what I'm doing or if I'm doing this right. I am a 36 year old female from Rhode Island and I have a serious gambling problem. At first it was a casino based thing, then I signed myself out of the local casino, visited the not-so-local casino's a few times, but my main source of pain right now is internt gambling. I had not had an internet connection in a long time, then a friend moved in with me, and convinced me that he needed the internet to "work from home", and that was the doorway that opened up and woke my inner beast again. I hate myself right now. I have to tell you that in the last two weeks I have borrowed 5,000 dollars from my mother to put in the bank to pay off debts from gambling, and have respend most of it gambling. I am at a low place right now. I looked up a meeting that is close by. It is Sunday at 6pm. I plan to go to it. I just need someone to talk to. Thanks.


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Welcome Inky,
My name is Kiki and I'm from Minnesota. I go to Gamblers Anonymous meetings every week and visit here daily. Keep coming and share your thoughts with us. Read through the other messages and you will find that you aren't alone. I'm glad you are here. Kiki


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Hi Ink! I'm glad to say" "I didn't gamble yesterday, I haven't gamble today and I have no plans to gamble tomorrow." Never tire of saying that! Unfortunely I have only been saying it for 8 days. But coming to this site and reading everyone's post has been a great help. The people here not judgemental because we're all in the same boat which for most of us had been sinking. I found that the internet gambling is the worst because of its convience. Try to get yourself barred from internet gambling sites. Its hard but not impossible. There is also a computer program called gamblock that block your computer from connecting to any gambling. I haven't used it but it has been mentioned in some of the posts. As kitik said welcome and we know where at because we all have been there. OAAAT=one day at a time.


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Hi Inky,

Welcome to the site and you already have won half the battle...admitting you have a problem and looking for ways to combat it. I am on 8 days now and it feels good, but I can say I know exactly where you are at and one week ago was in the same exact boat. However, I didn't have anyone to bail me out (like I had previously) and that is what was the final straw for me. I also am an internet gambler, and I feel it is as bad, if not worse at times than a casino, as it is so accessible and right there for you 24/7.

As a temporary/quick help....you might be a good candidate for Gamblock. Their website is of the same name. I have read about it and actually asked my mom to get it for me for my birthday which is coming up...instead of money or whatever, and she thought it was a great idea. Since at the moment I can't really afford $50 on something other than a bill or into my business, for about $50 for a year, it will block any attempt you make into a casino/betting site online. A pop-up comes up that gives you 60 seconds to exit your browser...if you don't, your whole computer shuts down!! The one thing is it CANNOT be removed EVER. I figure, good...I don't want it ever removed as I don't want to ever gamble again. Hey, I'll take any help I can get. I've asked around and the majority of people say it is fantastic. The only complaints I have heard are from people who try to circumvent it, trying to find a way to remove it (or in my opinion trying to gamble again.) I can see the occassional time where it might think a site is a gambling site and shut you down, which could be a pain...but I think it is more than worth it in the end.

I would also say going to a meeting on Sunday is a great first step for you. Try to hang in there until tomorrow, and if you need to talk, continue to come on the site or if you need to talk more in detail, feel free to private message anyone as well. We're all here and know what you're feeling. Just keep going one day at a time and if you have a true desire to stop, you're on the right track. Take care, Dan


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Aloha Inky,

I know that very low place you hit. I would say everyone here has a story more or less like yours. The good news is it sounds like you want to quit. You need to do this...get gamblok and close any accounts you have with internet casinos. call your bank and your credit card companies and tell them to block any transactions with the bastards.

Just think...here you are blowing your dear old Mom's $5,000 while some wiseass is lighting big cigars in Costa Rica with your Mom's hundred dollar bills. Seer that image in your mind and don't let it go.

I'm proud of you for wanting to heal up. You will...but the more serious goal is REALLY quitting. You don't need this stress. You will always end up losing unless you stop..we all did.

Set up as many obstacles to gambling as it takes. Keep visiting this site. I think we are a nice group here -- mutually helping each other out of that low place. Once you climb out you can help others who stumble through our portal (sounds like Star Trek, huh?).




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Hi Inky...

Every day just think about the fact that you are no longer a loser. I am tired of giving my money away so freely. I was just like you. We both know the value of a dollar but we would just through 20 after 20 into a machine like it was play money. Then we would have nothing to show for it. I am a complusive gambler and very complusive when it comes to shopping as well. But at least with the shopping I had something to show for it. I would go to the casino blow 2,000 or more and then to make myself feel better would go shopping with a credit card and buy myself something to forget about the loss. I was spending money that I didn't have to spend till I couldn't pay for all the bills I rack up. This is a series disease. I am now trying to spend within my limits at the store and I've been going to Gamblers Anonymous for several months. It takes time to really admit you can't go gambling because we all really want to deep down. We are just some of the chosen few who don't know how to take are winnings and leave if we win. Atleast that is how I am. It is impossible for me to win and walk. All I think of is winning more and playing more. That is why I came to the realization that I just must avoid all gambling. It's not a winner for me only makes me stressed, upset and hating life. I am going to stay strong I tell myself every day and keep going to meeting and keep busy doing something else. You too can do this if you keep telling your inner mind that your done with throwing your money away. It takes time and I know this because I should have a new car a closet full of all the best designer clothes for the money I have thrown away on trying to make the big win. Meanwhile, the casino I go to is building a nice new garage for more cars to come to there establishment. I know I contributed to the garage and I'm done with it.


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