The gambling disease


Im so very proud of you.....almost a month is short of a miracle in our line of compulsion....good for you...clap clap clap...we'll be here for each other....lets check in every so tired, so very very tired of it all....I'm glas you're in NY...are you still in Vegas?


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CJ, That took a lot of honesty and courage to tell us your story. I am so glad you are here. The reason so many of our stories are so similar is because we all share the symptoms of a disease. A progressive disease.
CJ, you know what I'm talking about, the gambling gets worse or we try to control it ourselves and when we slip, it's worse than before. I have hit bottom several times and I can so relate to wondering if I was insane. Recovery is one of the hardest things I've ever attempted. It's also one of the most rewarding because I can finally sleep at night. Recovery is working because I'm working it. Keep posting. We need you.


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I really do not know if its easier being married or single. Being single you have less pressure to win back the money because you can just eat it.

Myself I have gotten to the point where financially I cannot afford any more big losses. I have monthly agreements with creditors that I cannot miss, so thats helping to keep me honest. One is with the IRS, I had a eye opening experience with them last month. They are not someone you want to default on a payment agreement with.

So those recent items are keeping my honest. I have no more slack to throw away entire paychecks. Plus being single you eventually want to meet someone so there is inspiration there to improve your life.

I actually feel pretty good about the future, at least better than I have felt in a while. Not throwing away hundereds helps even though you may not have recovered financially to the point of having a life.

It got so bad last month that I had to choose between a phone or digital cable tv. I chose the cable. Kind of a relief not comming home to messages from collectors anyway. I will get phone service back soon.


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Thanks everyone for all your support. Today has been just crazy. I was on my way to work thinking of not going but knowing that I had only 3 days of vacation left and i need to get another 2 days for my beach vacation in july. Well thank god I went to work and didn't give in to my inner voice. I got a call from my husband's doctor that they were sending a rescue squad to pick him up and bring him to the hospital. All I thought when I left work is what if I had not been at work and missed the call. I would have died knowing that I missed such an important call. He is staying at the hospital and having bypass surgery. Every day is a challenge. It sometimes seems to get easier but today was a real wake up call for me. I am home and have no plans on going anywhere. Stacey I live in VA not Vegas. I was just in Vegas for my honeymoon. My gambling stomping grounds are in West Virginia it's an hour away. Well I will do my best to check in every day and keep up with you all and i will be going to work and the hospital every day for the next 10 days. He will be having his bypass surgery on Monday so any prayers out there will be most appreciated. Tomorrow is my Gamblers Anonymous meeting night so I will be there. I will check back in on Thursday. Take care everyone!!!


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Hello CJ and everyone,

CJ I hope that your husband is doing well and that you are too.

Your post brought to mind all the times recently that I've been needed by my husband, my kids, mom, etc. Before then, these were times that I wouldn't have been available because I was sitting in front of a machine. That makes me feel very ashamed. I wonder just how much of our lives gambling has really stolen.

It's not worth the price for me or anyone. The money was just one part of this. Together we can beat this and succeed.



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CJ, our thoughts are with you and your husband. My brother went through quadruple bypass and he was barely 41 and in great shape. He recovered in about 6-8 weeks but it was scary nonetheless. I think you had a "moment", where something happens in your life and you were preparing yourself to be there. I can't help but find miracles everyday since I've stayed away from gambling. Coincidences I can't explain or just simply being happy because I'm thinking rationally again. I never thought there would be a day when I didn't think about slot machines, 24 hours a day or how I was going to get there. Looking forward to your next post. Kiki


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cj..i hope all is well....i couldnt imagine not being there for my hubby or baby due to gambling..

i look up other stories on the web to make me feel woman's husband had to take their newborn to the poker hall and put the baby in the middle of the table on top of the pot of money and said to his wife.. you want to be a mother or a gambler? the woman knew she had a problem at that point, but she honestly still admitted.....she didnt want to stop...she's been clean 13 years now.....i've heard / read stories of mothers leaving their newborns/kids in the car while they gamble...

God help them...

My friends mother is

My friends mother is suffered from this gambling disease. She has lost everything and invested whole money in spite of facing loss every day every time. In fact, she used the money of monthly bills and groceries also which her husband used to give. My friend and his dad is so upset and wanting to leave her habit. Any suggestion guys, what will be the possible thing to do to leave her daily habit?

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First, she has to want to

First, she has to want to stop for herself. If she doesn't want to stop, there's little anyone can do to help her.

Second, help her to understand the reason behind her compulsion. Gambling is often a symptom of deeper issues. Perhaps point her to this website and ask her to read some of the stories on here.

Third, work with a professional or group support to determine the cause of her addiction. Is it psychology or physiology, or both?


If your friends wife wants to stop.

She probably knows by now that you can lose more than money through gambling.

Suggesting that she visits this site is a good start,because she'll get ideas herself from how other people are trying to stop.Some even manage it!

I admitted it to myself and my husband.We changed from a joint account to a small separate account for me,until I can trust myself again.This has proved helpful.

My husband respected me for suggesting this,which was good for morale.It felt good to be respected a little instead of judged.

Trying to stop can give you back your self esteem.