The weekend


Well its upon us last slip was on a Saturday night...a big slip...due to hubby in bed...extra $$$ in hand...well that went to hell real fast...

I'm feeling hopeful that this weekend will come and go real fast.....I'd hate (hate? more like dread) to start over again...I wonder if we had money to spare would we do it all over again...??? How many of us stopped due to lack of funds? Is that really recovery? Will I go back once I'm in the safe zone again? JC I hope problem is online..fortunately we dont live close to a casino...closest is 3 1/2 hours away.....

Every year I go to A/C w/my girlfriends for my bday...I'd like to say that I only have an "online" problem, which in some respects is true before with atlantic city I'd lose in two days the most 600.00..notice I said lose...its what you go to LOSE with ..when you're a controlled gambler and stop.....i've only gotten out of control in the comfort of my bedroom....well we'll see..bday is a ways away.....maybe we'll just do something different this year? yeah theres an idea.....good luck all...


Posted: 23 Jun 2006 06:11 pm Post subject: re
StaceyP - hang in there. From your previous threads it sound like you are running out of slack with the fam.

Especially folkes. You need to stay away from online gambling. Its not regulated and they can pretty much do whatever they want. Its just a computer program that they wrote or had written for themselfs.

I live about 20 mins from 3 large Casino's. Tempted to see if I can overdraw my acct and go. Not going to do it though.

If I had spare money that I could truly afford to lose would I still go? Good question. I will tell you next weekend. Not planning on going.