Weekend plans


Hi to all!

I'm planning on a gambling free weekend. I'm going camping with a friend and 4 dogs. The friend happens to be my ex-husband. Believe me, nothing more than friends -- I sure know how to pick them (not!!).

Anyway, he knows about my problem and will not let me gamble for anything, so I'm going to enjoy myself as much as possible.

I also went to couseling last night. I talked to my couselor about my slip and we are going to work on recovery methods. She gave me an assignment to come up with coping tols that help me deal with triggers, and to list the triggers that make me want to gamble. The triggers are easy -- even seeing a piece of fruit makes me think of a slot machine! I can't eat a banana or a cherry like a "normal" person!

Thanks StacyP for the thoughts on what you did with the money. That's a good idea, only I never have any money left when I leave the casino.

Love to you all, and prayers for a gambling free weekend for all of us.



Posted: 14 Jul 2006 01:03 pm Post subject: re
Sue - its good that you 2 are still in contact. Kind of leaves the door open you know if thats what you want.

Casino's know what they are doing. They make the symbols representing colors that we associate with value. Gold, Blue, Red in shades of emeralds.

For me its going to be pretty hot around here and I am not much for hot weather so I will be staying in for the most part.