I had going on 10 weeks


I am new here. I am 36 years old. I have been lurking on the message boards and felt it was time to join. I can admit I have a gambling problem and I am 24 hours without playing online gambling. I have lost thousands of dollars over the past 6 months. I regret doing it and wish I would have lurked over these message boards before I started. I hope to meet all of you and hope i can count on everyones support. I want to be there for u all too.


Posted: 12 Jul 2006 08:30 pm Post subject:

I'm new here too. I've been clean only six days.....but it's six days that I have not lost any of my money to the casino!!!

I've returned to Gamblers Anonymous. and will attend another meeting tomorrow. These sessions help a lot because everyone in the group understands what I'm going through. Family, friends, even my boyfriend, do not understand what a compulsive gambler goes through.

One person said something in Gamblers Anonymous. that helped me....it was....when you get the urge to gamble, just say you will not gamble today. That's all. I won't gamble today!! Let us know how you are doing.


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Welcome to the board!

I also find it helps to set milestones. Like tonight I am thinking how good I will feel when I wake up Sat mourning without gambling. Thinking about how good it will be when I return to work on Monday without regrets about how much more money I had when I had left for the weekend on Friday.

This is new for me as well. Only going on 3 weeks. But I had been cutting back substantially for a couple of months prior so I am making progress.


Posted: 12 Jul 2006 09:59 pm Post subject: i am hoping they ban online gambling
I am really hoping they ban online gambling!! I don't want anyone else to go through this. Do you know how it feels to hide your debts? It is a terrible feeling. Tomorrow morning will be 48 hours and Friday is payday, so I can pay my bills instead of god knows who.

I am pleased to have responses already. This is a good thing. I am so glad I signed up.



Posted: 13 Jul 2006 01:20 am Post subject: re
mama99 - I do not know much about online gambling but there are a few posters here with the same problem.

I don't think it really matters if its virtual or material. We all seem to share the same experiences.

My vice is casinos. There are a few only 20 mins away from where I live, just too easy to get to.

Posted: 13 Jul 2006 08:02 am Post subject: welcome momma
I am one of the online addicts that moe mentioned....not sure if u read my story, but it all started w/the death of my parents, then i got pregnant and bored at home...and rest is ...well one HECK OF MESS...but im a little over a month clean so Im happy about that...

We have a nice group here...hope you stay ........


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Welcome to the board Mama and Liz,

I'm starting new on Day 1 today, so you are not alone in this. It's the slots that have killed me and I never really have gotten in to online gambling nor have any desire to. Of course before I set foot in a casino, I never really had a desire to play the slots either. I'm not going to find out, I think Moe is right in that it doesn't matter if our gambling is online or not, we all face the same challenges and cannot play within limits.

Please post and share frequently, I don't know what I would have done had I not had this board to come to today.



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I feel like my life is gaining some sort of normalcy -- even though I have had several slips -- I'm doing so much better. My children have been very supportive, and I promised them I wouldn't lie to them when I do slip. Now they are trying to think of something I should do to "pay" for my gambling to help keep me on track. Not money, something perhaps more soul searching. Any ideas on this??


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its funny you say that....when i did gamble and win .. i would give some of it to charity...one time was child abuse another was aspca, etc....last time i won big i adopted/sponsered a girl from russia...kristina..she reminds me of the good my money did......every month i give 30.00 to her education, more importantly i correspond w/her and tell her .. her life is going to be okay..i mean this girl has nothing and i threw so much away...brought me back to center...


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Hi everyone,

I'm clean only seven days now, but it feels so good! Went to Gamblers Anonymous. meeting tonight. Just listening to everyone is helpful (sometimes very boring though...some of the old timers seem to rattle on and on).

I have not gambled on line....thank God. It would be awful to be able to gamble in my office. I've always gone to the riverboats, Vegas, Tunica, Elko, etc., so I've had to travel at least an hour to gamble.

It will be nice to receive my paycheck tomorrow and not be overdrawn before I get the money because of my gambling every couple of days. I'm so thankful that I'm getting back on the right track.

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Liz, I'm so glad you are here. I'm glad to hear you are going to Gamblers Anonymous. It has helped me, even with my latest slip, to stay away from gambling more than anything else I've tried. Kiki


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Hello Mama, Liz, Sue, Stacey, Moe, Kiki, Guy and everyone else,

Well, I didn't gamble today and seem to be in a better frame of mind since reading all of your posts. Thank you Moe for reminding us that have slipped that we made some progress with our clean time that we had in. Mostly thank you everyone for sharing, this board has really helped me today. Gambling doesn't only hurt our pockets but seems to bruise our insides as well. I feel like I wouldn't be understood anywhere else.

I'd also like to welcome the newcomers such as Mama, Liz, Vanessa, Sue and hope that we get back some of the ones that haven't been around in awhile. Liz, this board may not always peek our interest but what I believe in is taking what we need and leaving the rest behind. Also, in supporting others here, it can only come back and help ourselves.

On to Friday and hopefully better things ahead.



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You are so right! Sometimes at the Gamblers Anonymous. meetings I get so bored because the same therapies are repeated over and over and over. However, I must always remember that something can be said that can really "click" for another member and help them stop gambling forever. I've had a few things help me, but find that attending the meetings once a week is the most helpful. This is because others that are not compulsive gamblers do NOT understand how gamblers think, act, etc.

Hope you all had a great gamble free day!



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Welcome Liz and mama,

Glad you are here. It's always nice to listen, share, read about people who can share similar stories. Every time I see one of you write about your bank statements, and trying to cover enough over the weekend...I mean, its like we all do the same exact thing and figured we knew all the "tricks"!!

I am one of the online gamblers on the board mama, and it is just so brutal to have at your "convenience." I honestly cannot imagine what is going to be happening in the next few years, when we see more and more people such as us, with major problems. College kids now, they are playing all the time...with poker getting so big, its just going to become worse and worse. Add all the new Indian casinos, riverboats, etc popping up everywhere for the casino gamblers...I'm just not sure people realize how bad this is going to become. I mean, I never saw it with myself...and I am a "good, financially responsible" person, with a business degree. What a joke!! This disease takes on anyone, anywhere, of any income level, any race, any color, any education level...I truly hope that Congress can do something with that bill they introduced. Amazingly, 6 months ago, I would have laughed it off and now...I really hope something can be done. What though, who knows....it will be very tough, and of course the true gamblers will somehow circumvent it.

Ok enough rambling...keep posting, keep reading...it really helps! Dan


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Dan and friends,

Does anyone know the congressional bills that out to control Online Gambling? I worry about where this will end up also. I have kids in college and would hate to see them suffer as I have.

As much as I hate the disease of gambling...I feel it should be regulated and at least provide employment for our citizens. Online gambling is offshore and that means the profits go there and no taxes are collected.

For online gamblers -- get GAMBLOCK on your computer right now. It has been so great for me. I have not gambled one cent in over a month and a half. Don't be lulled into thinking you can get back into the game...too much other fun out there to waste your life on gambling. I once went for 5 months without gambling and then screwed it all up. If you are digging a hole...STOP DIGGING.