New and begging for help


I am not only new to this site, but new to looking for help for my gambling problem. Bottom has been hit. Butt is bruised. Won 8,000 in one day, lost 9,000 before I could leave. Cashed in a 3,000 CD to get it back with, of course that is gone too. Now I have to lie to my husband, at least until tax time again when the win and the loss statement will come in the mail. I am sick of the illness and I am sick of me. I have read several posts and something in every single one rings true. I, so far, have not been able to make myself go to Gamblers Anonymous., don't even know if there are any meetings left here ( Mississippi Gulf Coast...Katrina)...but the casino's sure are. So, this is my cry for help. Three days and counting...


Posted: 15 Jul 2006 04:01 am Post subject:
Hi Ldy,

Welcome to the site. The first step is wanting to get help, so you're definitely on the right track. Not sure if you're in MS, LA or FL, but I'd check out the Gamblers' Anonymous homepage They have each state and where meetings take place. Also they have hotlines and stuff, call them up, they might have updated info. I am sure they have meetings there, maybe it would be in bigger cities like New Orleans or Biloxi...but with all the casinos down there, I'd imagine they have quite a few, not sure though.

If one is a bit far away, maybe it would be good to take a drive and go to it. If you're at the bottom, you might need some help. I also don't know if your husband knows if you have a gambling problem (maybe not to this extent, but does he know you gamble, or gamble often?) Depending on that situation, and this is without knowing how your relationship is and all of that, but telling your family sometimes can really be an enlightening thing. You eventually get it off your chest, and sometimes they can help you tackle your problem. At least all the lying, hiding and all of that stuff is gone. Only do that when you're comfortable in doing so, but if you have to wait until tax time....that is going to be a very long way away, to keep something like this inside. For now, try and read up on it as much as possible, goto a meeting possibly or at the least call a hotline, they can talk with you. If you are tempted at the casinos near can do a self-ban and have yourself forcibly booted out if you ever enter them. I don't do the casino thing, so I'm not sure exactly how to go about it and maybe someone on here knows more or has done it themselves, but you basically tell them you don't want to be in their establishment anymore, give them your name, info (I think driver's license too so its on hand, if you try to come in, etc) and if you do try to, they kick you out, etc.

Try as many roadblocks as you can for the time being. Try and do other things to get your mind off of any urge to gamble. Each day will help and add up, you're already on 3 days, so that is something to be proud of. Keep coming back here, educate yourself on it on the web, as there have been a lot of things that have helped me. I had no clue about what to do/where to go and 5 weeks later, I feel like a bit of a know it does get better, and know we've all been there before just where you are at, and we can relate and try and help, so know you aren't alone! Take care, Dan


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Hi everyone and welcome ldyrufr: " I didn't gamble yesterday, I haven't gambled today and have no plans to gamble tomorrow. Never tire of being able to make that statement". Its been 35 days since I last gambled and been very good not to wake up with that gambling hangover and guilt. I don't have any great advise other than was already given or I would be a great deal more than 35 days gambling free. The biggest help for me at tlhis point has been visiting this site at least daily and thinking of handling this addiction ODAAT (one day at a time). Thinking of correcting all the past and I how to handle all the temptations of the future is too overwhelming to think about! Thats why I just think ODAAT! Welcome and visit often - we have all been there with you.


Posted: 15 Jul 2006 05:41 pm Post subject: welcome
i hope you can talk it out w/us here and read our posts and start the healing process...every second or minute counts.....just hang on....

hang on w/all of us on our little island of hope...


Posted: 16 Jul 2006 08:40 am Post subject: Thank you
Thank you all so much for being there. Five days now, and have no plans to go today. Or desire. Thank you all again and again. I will be back here tomorrow.


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Welcome! I live in Hawaii, but I know all about Mississppi...make your contribution to the Gulf Coast by helping all those who suffered during the hurricane. Those casinos will help the coast to recover, but it doesn't have to be your money that does it.

I'm glad you are here.



Posted: 17 Jul 2006 11:36 am Post subject: Hang in there
Hi Ldyrufr,

Yes, just take it one day at a time, try to find Gamblers Anonymous meetings and keep talking to all of us because we've all been there. I'm still going through some rough times with a few slips, but they get fewer and fewer. The desire to gamble comes and goes, and sometimes it's so hard to resist. I've been busy putting support mechanisms in place with the help of family, friends, Gamblers Anonymous and more. This is very helpful to me because I have so many people to answer to now, that it keeps me on my toes.

Please let us know how you are doing.



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Six days today! I am a non gambler and I feel great (my brother quit smoking with that one, so I am taking it as my own). Thank you all for being here every night, it does help so much to know it is not just me.

My story is similar to several, as I am finding out. MyMother also had terminal cancer that I nursed her through. It was like a Steven King novel. I hope to never witness anything like it again. The loss was overwhelming and after coming back to the coast I drowned my sorrow and numbed my brain at the casino, in good part with money my mother left me.All that I had access to was gone as of last Wednesday. We live on the Mississippi Gulf coast and went through Katrina nine months after I lost my Mother, I am realizing that I need professional help on a lot of levels and the casino is not the answer.
A friend told me everyone is born a cucumber, some cucumbers can go into a casino and be fine, others become pickles, once you become a pickle you cannot go back to being a cucumber.
I am a pickle.
No matter how much I win, I stay until I give it back, plus whatever I can get out of the bank. So what is the fun in that.
I want myself back. I hope it does not take as long as it did to loose myself.
Thank you all again.