The bottom is jail for some


Gambling addiction: The rush of winning. The crush of losing it all.

By Michael Maresh, Roundup staff reporter

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Chasing the rush and hitting that one big payday consumed Tim daily as he went time after time to play slots at the Mazatzal Casino.

Tim, who requested that his last name not be used, is one of many people in the Rim Country who became addicted to gambling.

He said he would pick up his weekly paycheck on Friday and by that night had gambled away the whole amount. If, by chance, he won money on Friday night, he would be back at the casino on Saturday.

"A lot of times you are chasing the rush," he said. Even when he was winning it was hard to stop because he knew nothing that could replace that feeling.

Like most compulsive gamblers, Tim started small before it grew to amounts he could not afford.

He said he knew he had to admit his problem when he was arrested for theft. He was stealing to fund his addiction.

"That was my bottom -- going to jail," he said. "I knew I needed to get some help."


What a bottom it is. I hope things turn out well for him.