I have really hit rock bottom -HELP


In a year, I have probally gambled away 200K. Mostly online, but some casinos. I can stay out of the casinos, but can't stay offline. I found this site looking for support.

I am starting now not gambling. Help me if you can with your ideas and suggestions. I am going to beat this. I can see how insidious this disease is. My first goal is to make it thru 7 days. I am not looking back at all the money I have lost, but will move forward to provide a better live for my family and myself.


Posted: 15 Jul 2006 05:34 pm Post subject: wowza
first download gamblock and block yourself off the sites.....

i was an on line junky for years, i finally made it 30 days clean...its not easy...or it is easy if you want it to be.....one day at a time...

stay with us...talk it out...get it off your chest and look forward to another day w/o gambling...

we all have the same problem....doesnt matter how big.....

its important to check in and get support...any way you can...

have you tried a Gamblers Anonymous Meeting?


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I'm clean nine days now. Never thought I would go back to Gamblers Anonymous., but I did and am very glad I did. It's just taking "one day at time". One of the old timers in our Gamblers Anonymous. group told me to tell myself...."I will not game today...just today I will be gamble free." It helped me a lot. I was clean over a year and a half. My mother was dying of cancer and it really traumatized me. At a very depressing point in my life, I went back to the casino with a friend that gambles every week. In no time I was going to the boats again. I'm starting at square one again after a year of gambling. Just being clean over a week has been hard for me, but it's a very good feeling knowing that I'm back on the right track. If you can, get involved with your local Gamblers Anonymous.group. They are very helpful.



Posted: 16 Jul 2006 08:43 am Post subject:
Thank you for your suggestions. I am trying one day at a time and so far so good.


Posted: 17 Jul 2006 11:38 pm Post subject:
My daughter says to replace one addiction with another. I love to read and have gone back to that...don't even have to get dressed for that which helps keep me out of the car....ergo, out of the casino.
Hang in there!


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I can't say I've lost that much over gambling but I have lost years of my life because of it.

There isn't much I can do about the past. I can only live in the present and hope the future turns out well.


Posted: 19 Jul 2006 09:21 am Post subject:
I didn't tell myself not to gamble today, so I ended up online and gambling. The result is that I am back to day one. The good news is that I blocked all online gambling from my computer(I should have taken your advice and done that from the start). Anyway, back to day one.