Rock bottom?


So what was your perverbial rock bottom. Or what event caused you to re-evalute your life?

For me it was the IRS and a particularly nasty thing called a Wage Lein. With this they essentially take your entire paycheck minus a standard deduction, which is not enough to live on. For me as a single head of household it is appx $700/mo. So thats it. No matter what I make they take it all and leave me with $700 to live on for the entire month.

Luckely I was able to negotiate a payment arrangement and get this thing stopped before actually losing a pay. Its basically is their way of using their unlimited power to bring you the table. So they divided what I owe over 5 years and thats what I have to pay each month. Now if I miss a payment or am late then they can cancel the arrangement and put me back on lein status.

So thats what is keeping me honest these days. I simply cannot afford to drain my account and not pay them.

Now its not that bad because what I owe each month is managable for me. If it was not then I would have to go on an allowance plan with them. This works by declaring all monthly expenses plus a personal expense exemption and they take the rest. Unlike a lein this is a livable amount as directed by congress for people making good on their tax debts. Miss a payment here though and its back to lein status where they can take whatever they want. Thing with this allowance plan is everytime you have a new expense or need a new car or your bills go up - anything, you have to call it in and get the new expense approved. Big Brother all the way.

So bottom line. As long as I keep making payments and stay clean I will be fine. One bad month at the casino and I could lose everything. I actually prioritize my IRS payment as #1. Its more important to me than rent and car payments because you cannot do anything if they take your paychecks.

I almost feel at times like I am living in the old USSR instead of the USA. But it was me who chose to go to the Casino instead of paying taxes years ago which put me in debt.

So thats it. Mr Freewheeling Casino man has run into the ultimate creditor.


Posted: 14 Jul 2006 12:01 pm Post subject:
Hi Moe,

Wow, that's quite a rock bottom. Mine was when my husband kicked me out, wouldn't let me come back, and filed for divorce. My marriage of 20 years to the man I love and who I thought would be there for me through anything just couldn't take it anymore.

I'm trying to stay off the pity potty and move forward with my life.

Thanks for sharing your story, Moe.



Posted: 14 Jul 2006 12:34 pm Post subject: re
Hi Sue. Oh yes I remember you have posted that before. Terrible thing.

So how have you been comming along?


Posted: 18 Jul 2006 02:10 pm Post subject:
It was getting tired of being sick and tired. I had many rock bottoms. But one memorable one was walking over a bridge one night and thought about jumping off. This was years ago and I've had many more rock bottoms since that time.

Some of us, like myself, have self-destructive buttons that we need to examine. I think that mine was that I was afraid of success.

Denise C

Posted: 24 Jul 2006 02:05 pm Post subject:
My father died and 62 and I thought, "Hey I only have twenty more years, do I want to live them the way I have been?" Of course at first I tried to work on the finances thinking that was the real issue, then I needed to really face what the problem was. Of course my bottom included the financial side of it, but it was more about being tired of being sick and tired. I was tired of being controlled by my addiction; hating it and not being able to stop. Something just clicked one day.