To count or not to count?


Moe you're right there is a 4th alternative..

QUESTION....Is the counting of the days a necessary part of recovery, and how?

Does is make it any better sense when we relapse after being good for 60 90 120 days or whatever it is...that we can say "well at least i was good for...."

Why do they ask us to count in Gamblers it that one day at a time thing? i feel if i say thats it...thats it...counting just puts the pressure on....

In bill lee's book...every time he would reach a milestone...he would relapse, just curious what everyone thinks.....


Posted: 07 Jul 2006 02:36 pm Post subject:
Hello Stacey,

I believe that everyone is different and that everyone has to quit their addictions the way that is best suited to them. There really isn't a wrong or right way, it's the way that works that counts.

I find that by keeping track of my weeks, it reinforces my ability to go without gambling and makes me proud of what I've accomplished. I see changes in so many things now that gambling used to take away from me. I don't see any harm in continuing to count the days since it has been a positive experience for me.

Again, everyone is different and it's good to share our thoughts.


Denise C

Posted: 24 Jul 2006 02:02 pm Post subject:

I have found that most people that don't want to count their days are those that have relapsed. I count my days because it helps me. I'm proud of everyday I have without a bet. When I was new to Gamblers anonymous the people that had more days than I gave me hope. They still do those people that have more days than I have. The people that are new to the program help me remember that anyone of us could be right back in here saying we have one day. This addiction is a strong one and it's out there doing push up waiting for us to come back to it. There is no one, no situation that is worth me giving up my recovery. One day at time. I don't give my days to say hey look at me, I give my days to say hey if I can do it so can you.

Denise C.
3 years 4 months 15 days

Denise C

Posted: 24 Jul 2006 02:06 pm Post subject:
Everyday without a bet is a good day whether you have one days or years.


Posted: 26 Jul 2006 04:56 am Post subject: Counting weeks and months
I think counting does help some. I keep track of the number of months that I haven't gambled.


Posted: 27 Jul 2006 04:31 pm Post subject:
Counting days in Gamblers Anonymous means a keychain at 30-60-90 days, six months and you get pinned at one year. For me it was important to keep track of my recovery days because at 30 days you can run a meeting, at 90 days you can work on the hotline to help others. At one year, you are eliglible to be a sponsor. These were my goals. I reached six months and before I got my keychain, I went to the casino.

I've been fighting my addiction for more than ten years. Some years were very very scary. I was out of control going more than 3 times a week. Some years I only gambled occasionally but the trips were the same behaviors, I couldn't leave until my last nickel was gone or I kept going back right away to chase my money.
I will have 30 days on Monday. I didn't count the days so much as watched the weeks go by. Counting days for me reinforces my determination to stop gambling and reminds me that with God's help and my compulsive gambling friends, I can do this. Kiki


Posted: 28 Jul 2006 02:43 am Post subject:
I think like the others have probably is different for each person. Just as I think how someone recovers is different for each person...

some need Gamblers Anonymous at least once or twice a day, some once a week is enough, some once a month and some might never go and still never gamble again (abstain.) Some might go to meetings all the time, and still will relapse, etc. I think I am similar to you in that I researched a lot about it, read up on it, read other people's thoughts and posts and was frankly sick and tired of what I was doing and wanted to stop gambling for good. My desire is so strong to stop, I think I am one of the few people who probably can without ever going to a meeting.

I'm not against meetings by any means either, I just don't feel I need one. If I get an urge or something, I call my sister up or if I feel I might be slipping..I'll certainly check one out. I also put a lot of trust in God to help me, and He has never let me down before. Some people can stop smoking/drinking, whatever it may be after years, just like that and never do it again.

My sister quit smoking, boom...yet, she relapsed after 3 years of sobriety from drinking. Personally I thought her smoking was worse than her drinking, but she quit it cold turkey. Yet the drinking, it has been 15 years sobriety, but she has always needed to go to meetings for that. Although bottom line we are all the same with the problem, I think there are varying degrees to it all (in addition, especially the longer you continue to do something, the worse it becomes and/or how many other "problems" you are having in your life other than whatever addiction it is you have.) I never had, or will have a desire to do the casino stuff...a lot of people can't say that. On the flip side, the online stuff was horrible for me, and many can't relate to that.

So back to the original point as I wandered off it! I'm not one who has gone to Gamblers Anonymous at this point of my recovery and counting might place some more importance there as far as, in that you get certain things at each milestone, etc. That is where I definitely could see it really helping, as it is a goal to be achieved and recognized by others/yourself. As I mentioned, I was doing days early on as it helped me, but have now gone to the weeks. It seems easier to remember for one, lol, and two they seem to fly by and like this past week, it was 6 weeks already and I couldn't believe it. I am proud though of the fact this is week 7 and next week I can say 2 months! Wow, 2 months sounds a lot better than 7 weeks, lol. So I'll probably just use months in my head after that. Anyways, bottom line, I say whatever works best for you, is best! Dan