Day 46


I cant believe it...

If anyone would of told me I would be able to walk past that computer at home, I would of gone into a panic...seriously..take my gambling away? are you nuts? i cant...!!!....i wont!!!.....its the only thing i got that makes me feel good? Its the loss of my funtime, its the loss of my outlet, its the loss of my reward for working a f/t job and taking care of the baby and my hubby and the house, i deserve it...!!

Yet...its the loss of my money, its the loss of time w/my family, its the loss of my sanity, and mostly the loss of my peace of mind....

i dont recognize that person i was....i cant believe i stayed up there in that bedroom for hours hitting a button over and over again....

unbelievable....truly unbelievable...i wonder what would make a person do that? i wonder.....


Posted: 01 Aug 2006 09:24 am Post subject:
Congratulations Stacey, that is wonderful! I'm very happy for you.

What would make us do such a thing? I don't know, I sometimes think we are insane when gambling. That's got to be the only explanation. Gambling puts us in a trance where reality is nothing but a dream. It's about escaping I think, what are we running from?


Posted: 02 Aug 2006 09:28 pm Post subject:
We are running from the reality that success and money are the results of hard work... Not the luck of the draw. Congrats on day 46

Ban yourself or someone you know from online gambling.