Is this site enough?


Kiki, Ann, Stacey, Sue, Liz, Denise, Scotty, others. I hope you all stick around because I could use all the help I can get. Yes I agree this site should not be used as your only source but it is a good suppliment.

Obviously we cannot talk to each other because we are in different States. This site expands your recovery but should not be an excuse to not seek personal help like I was doing.

Kiki - I see your point about the PC being a machine but I never had an online problem so my PC is still a good guy. For those online gamblers, I don't know. You may want to consider giving your PC the old viking funeral and get off them altogether.

Denise C

Posted: 06 Aug 2006 08:23 am Post subject:
As far as I'm concerned no this site is not enough, but whatever helps you is a good thing if it keeps you away from gambling. There are some places where there are no meetings or meetings only once a week and places like this help in between meetings.

I am really glad that I didn't find a website like this when I was trying to stop gambling because I wouldn't have gone to Gamblers anonymous and I know this wouldn't have been enough to make me stop.


Posted: 06 Aug 2006 12:49 pm Post subject: re
DeniceC. I guess the fact that I had to wait almost 24 hours for a response kind of answered it right there. Plus the only members that do stick around are the ones that also go to Gamblers Anonymous.

Did this site prolong me from seeking help? Good question. I would have to say no because I was not ready for Gamblers Anonymous a month ago. If anything reading from people like you have helped motivate me to go. Recently putting the challenge out here that I was finally going this Friday helped put it into action.

I would also take it a step further and not let Gamblers Anonymous keep someone from seeking professional help if you feel that you need it. In the meeting that I attended there were a few members that were also seeing a therapist. And if Gamblers Anonymous is not in your area then you can always seek out professional help.

I have been thinking about doing that to figure out what I was trying to escape from in the 1st place.


Posted: 07 Aug 2006 01:43 pm Post subject: MOE
it took 24 hours for who to get back to you Gamblers Anonymous? or us?

I believe everything and anything that helps..

I chose books....and you guys...and my own form of self own reward system, for me...

Gamblers Anonymous can work ... if you work Gamblers Anonymous....its like with any addiction, the giving up part is either, the staying away is the hard part...

If you realy want to will thats why admitting is the first step...

if you say you will you will.....beginning and end of story...



Posted: 08 Aug 2006 12:44 am Post subject: re
Thanks Stacey.

I just want to stop thinking about it. Thats my thing. Move on to bigger and better things and remember that I cannot gamble anymore. Does that mean I need a lifelong commitment like Gamblers Anonymous or should I seek other help that would help me understand and reprogram my life?

Suppose any and all forms can help. A few things I noticed about Gamblers Anonymous. Their membership is around 80,000 but there are an estimated 2-5 mil compulsive gamblers and as many as 20 mil could have some form of a gambling problem. So what are all these people doing? If it hopeless for them or are they finding other ways to deal with it? I also noticed in my 1st meeting that most members are new (under 2 years ). So where are all the historical gamblers?

There is also a large uptick in therapists specializing in gambling disorders. Do they help cure and then stay away from casinos for life? Theropy is a not a lifelong deal. Like any other mental problem you learn a better way to live and then move on.

I don't know. I want to stop and I also want to stop thinking about it.

One thing about Gamblers Anonymous. Speaking about your problem in front of 30 people is very powerfull.


Posted: 08 Aug 2006 07:53 am Post subject:
I cant imagine getting up and admitting the problem to everyone....scary yet...cleansing...only you guys and one friend knows about my problem, and she really doesnt know to what extent...

To help you [i]understand yourself[/i] I think is the Gamblers Anonymous method or any recovery goal......once you understand why you do something, you can better control it...or perhaps..when the realization hits you..the flood gates open and "you see things much clearer now"

true, where are all the old timers? did they get enough and move on .. are they still in the casinos....

has anyone gone back into the casino and looked around i mean really...can you tell the compulsive ones? I NEVER SAW ANY ONE THEM, WHILE I WAS THERE..

Now .. i can remember this one guy feverishly shoving the oldest raggiest 5.00 bill in the nickel slot machine...i remember caused he pushed me out of the way, and sorry to say smelled..i cant imagine how long he had been there...and if that was his last 5.00.....god....that image is enough....

Moe i suppose some went back, some found a better life, some are just doing something different...

you ever want to do anything different? its funny me and my sister (who doesnt gamble) always used to have any hobbies? no not really ? did mom or dad? no...thats funny...? what do we do in our downtime......that you have to figure out...


Posted: 08 Aug 2006 01:33 pm Post subject: Not enough but a help
Hello to everyone!

I agree this site is not enough, however, it is certainly a help and an excellent support. I went to the 12 step meeting last night. This was step 2, about our higher power as we know it.

These meetings are excellent, and I also go to a Gamblers Anonymous meeting once a week. I finally found a sponsor, which was a very difficult thing to do! I have also reached 30 days with no gambling, and will continue to work on changing my life to a more "normal" way of thinking. (You know, like paying my bills instead of gambling away my paycheck!)

Love to all,