1st Gamblers Anonymous meeting


Friday 6:20 PM. About 30 mins until I leave for my 1st meeting.

My greatest fear is that someone I know is there. Other than that I am excited to see what its all about. Feeling a little anxious.


Posted: 04 Aug 2006 05:19 pm Post subject:
Congratulations Moe, it takes courage to go to a first Gambler's Anonymous meeting. Chances are that if there is anyone you know there, they'll be fearful of meeting someone they know. Just remember, that you'll all be in the same shoes there.

Please let us know how it goes.



Posted: 04 Aug 2006 08:16 pm Post subject: re
Thanks Ann. It went pretty good. I am very glad that I finally made the trip.

I really hurt myself last week and really needed a boost. So I am very glad that I finally did it. I should have done it years ago.

Its going to be a tough couple of months for me jugling bills and begging creditors for extensions but I feel like I have made the 1st real step to recovery.

I was always the guy on page 13 of the handbook that tried to quit using willpower. I am still not sure what Gamblers Anonymous is totally about but its a very good and inexpensive group threapy option. It also allows you to work on your public speaking skills. We had about 30 people there tonight.

Denise C

Posted: 05 Aug 2006 07:47 am Post subject:
Congratulations Moe! I personally can't say enough about Gambler's anonymous; the program helped me get my life back. May your recovery be strong and your urges be few.


Posted: 05 Aug 2006 09:10 am Post subject: awesome
very proud of you moe....let the healing begin..

Posted: 05 Aug 2006 01:06 pm Post subject: re
Denice/Stacey - thanks. Its not that I wasn't trying before. With my slips last week I felt I needed to kick it up a few notches and Gamblers Anonymous provides that.

I had all the book smarts but did not have that community spirit and support structure that they provide. Basically, its very hard doing this on your own so when something like that is available and is proven to have helped so many then why not give it a shot.

I am probably going to go to 2 meetings a week, maybe even 3. They actually are a lot more meetings around me than their Gamblers Anonymous site listed so finding one will not be a problem.


Posted: 08 Aug 2006 01:36 pm Post subject: Yeah for you!
Hi Moe,
I am very happy to hear you went to a Gamblers Anonymous meeting. They say keep coming back it works if you work it. For some of us it takes longer than others, but it will work and you will notice a change in how you think.

Yeah for you, Moe!