Let Go and Let God


I see many of us are struggling w/relapses over and over..and the one thing i wanted to share, from the books I read and of course my own "divine intervention" the night i bottomed out...

is that you really have to go through a spiritual transformation of sorts before you can lick this addiction....its something that grabs a hold of you like a blanket or a huge hug...

you have to trust yourself enough and let go...and really admit its over...like the ex boyfriend or gf..we go back to over and over thinking it will change, cause we fell in love w/the person we thought we knew......this is similar, but nonetheless more serious..

I Remember i thought i would die when my first love broke up w/me..but i didnt and i allowed my self to heal.. slowly and painfully..but it does come and so does peace eventually you have to welcome it and accept it and want it....hmmmmm cant even remember whatshisname now?

good luck and let god in...he wants to help so bad...let him...


Posted: 03 Aug 2006 05:24 pm Post subject:
Stacey that was an AWESOME post. Thank you! Kiki


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Thanks Stacey, that was a lovely post.

I don't feel like I've completely let go yet but I know I have to come to terms with it. I'm going to try very hard in the upcoming days to let God have take my worries while I live a gamble free life.



Posted: 08 Aug 2006 01:48 pm Post subject: Great!
Thanks, Stacey, that was truly inspirational. I'm working at doing just that. The more involved I become with things to keep me away from gambling and look inside myself to deal with issues that might drive me to gambling, the easier it becomes to not gamble.

My husband, who is divorcing me, tells me he doesn't think I will ever quit gambling, because his "research" (like the story on gambling that was on Dateline this past weekend) indicates most gamblers go back to gambling.

What can I say? My husband doesn't believe in me, so I am left with believing in God and believing in myself, and believing in the program -- thank goodness for those blessings!


Posted: 10 Aug 2006 01:01 am Post subject: re
Sue, I don't think most of what your read about complusive gamblers is necessarily true. Its still a new phenomenon and non-gamblers often do not get it right.

I just read something the other day on signs that employers should look for. They had us takling long lunch hours in order to place bets with our bookies, leaving early from work because we could not wait to hit the casiono's. And of course embezlement and stealing of company property is a top concern.

I do have a problem but my basic morals have remained intact. I have never stolen or even schemed to steal from employers or family,friends. They also think we have a constant physical addiction and that we must gamble everyday to satisfy it. Me, I am fine going days and even weeks without placing a bet when I do not have any money. Its when I have money that I find it hard to resist.

Its unfortunate that your husband had to stumble on one of those sites. I would recommend education and really trying to understand your problem. If you attent Gamblers Anonymous then ask him to attend Ganon so he can understand you better.


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Moe.. you have a point....there are many types of gamblers...like you I could go w/o it.. even if I HAD money...but once i got ropped in.. it would take me for 5-6 hours? then i had it, i would be tired, hungry or just annoyed.......there are some that play for DAYS no shower, food, whatever..

we all come w/diff types of behavior...

and diff. drug of choices, i could go to the races, and never place a bet? Could care less...ya know? Doesnt make me no less a gambler though...

Thats why i was always curious about relapses, say i relapse two more time in the course of my life...the next 40 years or so..thats not so bad? do i still have a problem? 2 more times? thats it? so hard to say...

If we miraculously could walk in a casino and enjoy ourselves, spending a minimal amount of money, and walk out happy.....would that be ok? is it the remorse we feel aftwards that makes us a compulsiv gambler......if we say HEY I HAD A GOOD TIME, SEE YA NEXT YEAR.. would that be so bad...? I know Im looking for a cure for this......there isnt one ... is there?????


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Stacey. For me Casino's are my problem. I like to get lost in the bright lights where a jackpot could be a spin away.

I have never had a problem with sports betting, or lottery tickets, or card games. I have been in football pools where all I spend is 5-10/week, still only buy 1 lottery ticket at a time.

In Casino's. There have been times when I can walk in and only spend x-amt of money. And that may work for several times in a row. But I always have that one time where I just lose it. And thats all it takes to do a tremendous amount of damage. I had one of those last week and am going to be feeling it for the next 2 months.

Whether or not I should beat myself up over it is irrelevent because I am paying for it now. I have accepted the loss and come to the realization that the rest of my summer is shot. What can you do?