A choice


If you could

A) win a million dollars


Cool erase time and never discovered gambling.....

Which would you do?


Posted: 15 Aug 2006 03:52 pm Post subject: re
Well. I am not a complete radical. I would take the money.

Denise C

Posted: 15 Aug 2006 07:18 pm Post subject:
I wouldn't erase time and never become a complusive gambler only because through being a complusive gambler I found recovery which taught me a different way of living. If I hadn't become a complusive gambler I would have found another outlet to hide from my feelings and zone out.

I'm exactly where I need to be and have been exactly where I needed to be to learn the lessions I learned in my life. There is no erasing the past, there is only changing the future.

3 years 5 months and 6 days without a bet


Posted: 17 Aug 2006 01:19 am Post subject: A million dollars!
With the knowledge I've gained and the mental toughness I've developed as the result of my gambling addiction, I'll take the million dollars. Because I know it's not going to go to the casino!