My story begins like this. I'm the same old looser with a different face.

This is the first time i have reached out and talked openly with anyone about my problems with gambling so why not tell it to hundreds of strangers.

I'm 28 and started gambeling a lot when i was about 17 at first it was fun screaming and yelling for that horse to pull of the rail as he made his streatch run. 5 dollars, ten dollars who cares i was haveing fun with my freinds. Soon 5 became 50 and fun became my hell. As i looked around i saw all the same faces at the track just older. But at closer look i realized my freinds where no longer around because they were of building homes and enjoying time with there families, I was alone. Thats when i realized i have a problem.

After the work week i would cash my paychecks and go straight to the track with dreams of catching the big one and every time i would leave trying to figure out how i could make up my losses the following day or just get threw the week.

I have attempted to talk to my family and friends, the few that are still around but no one understands. " JUST QUIT " yea!

So they don't understand but they give me a couple bucks to get back on track. Did i say track? yep here we go again. If i could just double this 100 i can pay them back tommorow and then every thing will be alright.
So i got a hot pick in the eighth race. Perfect trip he's pulling off the rail 3 wide in the streatch " the big one 12 to 1 odds " .............. SAME OLD LOOSER.

Look the story is i'm at the bottom. I have moved back in with my parents and they have giveing me 4 months to get straightened out and leave for the last time. I am verry fourtanate to have a good paying job.
it is my only safty line.

This is my first day without gambleing and i have contacted someone from gamblers anonymous to get a list of meetings. I have also read a lot of your posts on this site. It's nice to know that others do understand what i am going threw and i hope that those who have gone without gambling for any period of time continue down this path, just remeber that no matter how rough things get if you gamble they will only get worse.


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Welcome to the site Rick. You blend right in here.

Gamblers Anonymous is a good resource, I have to get back there myself actually.

What we do makes no sense to anyone ( incl ourselfs). There always seems to be another level lower than what you thought so you do have to start by stopping the bleeding.

You are still young and have plenty of time to turn things around. Once recovery starts you will start seeing results pretty fast from what I hear.

Denise C

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Rick welcome to a path of recovery. Gamblers anonymous helps a lot I would suggest you check it out. You story sounds very familar; I chased many a bet in my day trying to get money back that I had lost. I do know that gambling will always make things worse as hard as things can get sometimes.

Welcome Rick

Denise C.
3 years 5 months and 10 days without a bet.


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Rick welcome.....we have alot to offer each other....hope you stay with us...try to check in at least once a day...

You might try calling a credit counselling organization or even a consolidation loan from a bank. I have found one payment to just one place preferable to trying to juggle from place to place. The secret is NOT gtting back into debt after you do the consolidation...most people fall into that trap. As gamblers I believe we are even more prone to jumping right back into to debt. So, consolidate and get rid of credit cards and any other loans you have. The goal is one payment to one place. One book I would recommend is called The Automatic Millionaire by Bach. Very inspiring and rock solid financial advice.

All the best,


You will come to understand this, however, it is more than just this that I now understand. I understand that I have to work the 12 steps, need to get a sponsor, go through a pressure relief meeting, practice techniques that keep me from gambling, etc.. I also have to understand that what I did is just not the right way to live. It really is an entire change in how I view life, what I do with my time, how I think, and how I live my life. I feel so much better, and now my biggest fear is going back to gambling instead of the fear of not being able to pay my bills, or the fear of what happens if my husband finds out I lied (he's divorcing me as a result), and all the other things we fear when we gamble.

Take care


Pressure Relief Meeting', Have you ever heard of a Pressure Relief Meeting? It is designed to help relieve the overwhelming pressure we are under financially and emotionally from the damages we caused to ourselves and our family when we gambled. I only learned about it from GA and am anxious to learn more.