Not a good sign


Where is everyone?

Hello Stacey,
I'm here and starting over since yesterday. I'm not proud or feeling very good right now and feel like I'm only repeating myself. It's emotional for me right now to face anyone or anything. I need lots of love, understanding and support and this may not be the place to get it. I feel like I've let everyone down including myself. I've been lurking off and on and haven't had the nerve to come out before now. I hope you understand. I have been thinking about all of you though and wishing each and everyone of you the best.


'Hi everyone,

Just wanted to say hello and let everyone know that I\'m still clean after going back to G.A. It will be two months on September 6th. My friend Joe attends the meetings with me and has been a big help in my staying clean It's nice to have money in the checkbook!!! Hope you are all doing well and staying gamble free

Hugs to everyone!


My story','Hi Stacey

I wasn't thinking, that was the problem. Just wanted to gamble thinking I could win the big one -- like $100,000. It didn't take me long to lose it all, maybe 3 or 4 hours at most. I would play the $100.00 machines, $50.00, $25.00, all of the big money slot machines. My bottom was pretty much after that -- I realized I did have a problem that was out of my control and a light bulb came on. I was very happy that I finally "got" it, and when I told my husband he was in shock to think that I would gamble again after he had bailed me out the first time.

We had a big fight and I went to stay with my daughter thinking it would be a cooling off period. When I begged and pleaded to come home he said no, changed the locks, refinanced the house to his name only, and filed for divorce. I'm still in shock because we were married 20 years, and I thought he would stand by me. For whatever reason he chose not too -- said he couldn't put up with the lies, worrying about me being out all night, wondering where I was, etc.

I probably spent $100,00 on gambling. Cash advances on my credit cards, borrowing from my retirement account, taking money from my Dad's checking accout, taking money from my husband\'s wallet, bouncing checks. What a mess I was!! \r\n\r\nI had to sell our retirement house, find a place to live and work on getting over a broken heart. I still owe about $35,000 on my credit cards, don\'t own a home, and after 20 years of marriage, have no husband. It has been difficult, but I refuse to go back to gambling no matter what. As much as I would do whatever it took to support my gambling addiction, I will work even harder to do whatever it takes to keep from going back to gambling.

I've been struggling with this addiction for at least 2 years (although I was gambling for 4 years, I didn't realize for the first few years I had an addiction), and it's only been the last 6 months that I really came to understand it. I've had a few slips over the last 6 months, which is why I'm back to 90 days again, however, I learned each time why I slipped and what I need to do to prevent it from happening again.

If I can help you in ANY WAY by relating my story, or answring any question, I am happy to do so.

Wow...I cant imagine how you must feel..i feel like crap just w/the gambling have all that on top of you....if YOU need anything please ask...Im impressed by your honesty and i think the powerful force that we have TO gamble can be the same powerful force not to....just like w/food...obese people can drop 250 lbs..and then extreme to the other...its our nature.....we unfortunately CHOSE to eat and drink money....hanks for sharing..');

'Thanks so much','Thank you Stacey for the kind words -- yes when we gamble money has no meaning, just a means to an end, to satisy our addiction.

Hello Everyone,

I'm here, I've been hanging in since last Friday. It feels good to almost have a week under my belt. Did anyone find themselves to be moody and lacking concentration when they quit gambling? I'd love to know.


Great to hear you are all doing well. I believe it is fun to celebrate and hey, it feels like winning. I guees we are addicted to that feeling? I am at 90 days today...oo-la-la! Here is to ringing in the New Year as a reformed gambler. Folks...I know it hasn't been that long, but in 3 short months my life has changed so much for the better. If you are digging out from another crazy losing streak, use this message as an inspiration to stop. In 3 months you will be much closer to turning your life around. Be bigger than the urge...gambling is flat out dumb. YOU CAN DO IT TOO!