Playing Catch-up Really Makes you See the Damage

I recently decided that I have had enough. I sit down almost every day to see how I can catch up on these billsssss. They seem to be so overwelming. I can't believe that I haven't paid on some of them in two months. The time seems to take so long until the next paycheck, but yet months can go by and you don't even realize that you haven't paid a bill in months. I have to silence my cell phone because every ring is a bill collector. I had to change all the numbers on my accounts through the years because sometimes the collectors call while people are in my house. I act as though it is just telemarketers but I know better, and maybe my guests do too. Now I am trying to play catch-up but when I look at the bills I don't know how I will ever do it. I know that it is possible but I can't see past the present weeks. I hope that things will change anyone have success stories about this? Love to hear them.

Good luck everyone, Stay strong.

Sure....there are thousand of success have to take in baby steps dont get overwhelmed by the large picture...take it day to day and try to talk to the collectors..they'll work with you....try every day to make a difference...even something can do it...hang in there...

i think of all the money i've wasted and it makes me nauseaus, so i try not to think about it....let it go...the money is gone...there is nothing we can do about it now......stay strong...

Hello Stacey,

I'm here and starting over since yesterday. I'm not proud or feeling very good right now and feel like I'm only repeating myself. It's emotional for me right now to face anyone or anything. I need lots of love, understanding and support and this may not be the place to get it. I feel like I've let everyone down including myself. I've been lurking off and on and haven't had the nerve to come out before now. I hope you understand. I have been thinking about all of you though and wishing each and everyone of you the best.

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to say hello and let everyone know that I'm still clean after going back to G.A. It will be two months on September 6th. My friend Joe attends the meetings with me and has been a big help in my staying clean It's nice to have money in the checkbook!!! Hope you are all doing well and staying gamble free

Hugs to everyone!


Ann -- hang in there baby...we have been there. I know you can dust yourself off and get back to living clean. It IS the best way...

Dan -- enjoy football, but stay away from betting...if you can't stand to watch without betting, go do something else.

Here is to a clean September! YOU CAN DO IT!


I got paid this week and paid bills. I have not even began to scratch the surface yet. I am soooooo behind that It almost feels as though I will never catch up. But, the feeling I got when I paid out hundreds to bills, as ridiculous as that would sound to people without a gambling problem, was great. I felt as though I was accomplishing something. This is so different from the feeling I have everytime I leave the slot machine after losing hundreds of dollars in just an hour or so. That sad thing is that we can never remember that feeling that we have when we lose everything and know that we must face the real world in a few seconds after the loss.

I long for the time that I can look back and say Wow!!! I really was in a bad place but now I am so much better. I cant even remember when I last had a good nights sleep that I didnt toss and turn wondering how I would pay off these bills. One thing that helps me to hope is that I am sitting in the house that I bought right before I began my gambling plunge. My credit was so good that I was able to buy this house, install central air in the first week of moving in, and buying furniture. Now I cant even get a $500 dollar credit card without paying them for it. Also the sad thing is that I am still paying for all these things and the balance on each of the credit plans is actually the same or higher than it originally was, and I started about eight years ago. Well take care everyone, hope that this small story can help at least one person to know that we all are going through similar things and need to be strong.