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Support and

Support and encouragement

"Admin, I have been meaning to ask - why did you start this site?"

"I started this site because at one point I had lost everything gambling. For the longest time I didn't know why I continued to gamble despite devastating emotional and financial losses. For 13 years I had gone through so much pain and suffering. If I can help one person stop gambling because of something they've learned from this site, I could live my life in peace knowing I have done some good in this world."

"…and what a gift it is. Thank you so much Admin for having the insight to know that self-help is all some of us can do and getting to meeting is not an option for some. And... all the in between times when we just need more support. Someday soon, I'll report to you that I am through this crisis, then it will be one more notch on your belt. You rock!"

"Needed and have wanted to express for some time now my thanks not only for your support and advice, but for being a foundation for recovery for me and for many."

"Between my weekly Gamblers Anonymous meetings this site has been a godsend. Whenever the feelings about my gambling past overtakes me - I find a lot of comfort, solace, and understanding here. Without it I think I would just want to crawl in a hole and die."

"One thing is that this site is always here when I feel the need…I think that I am relying more on this website than anything."

"You said you want to understand, and to stand by your husband. This site will help you to understand, and I can tell you that it is possible for a person to quit."

"Thank-you Admin. You have done good!"