my husband called me from work and told me that a lady he owed from the track just showed up at his work wanting her money (that he owed her from his last excursion) She works as an OTB (off track betting person) and fronted my husband the money with the promise of having it paid by yesterday (the 10th payday) I told him "no! absolutely not" was I going to bring him $300+ dollars to pay this woman or anyone off - This is like the 3rd time in a month - I am sick of it - SO - he says, "what about my $500.00 allotment I am supposed to get out of each check? - 'can I have that and I will pay her out of that?'" Please someone respond QUICK - is that a fair deal or is he just going to be mad at me later when he wants to go gamble and I refuse to give up anymore cash - or should I be paying off this debt (if its for real and I believe it is) and then also be giving him the $500.00 oh gosh - i am so tired of living like this but obviously not tired enough yet? oh well, everyone take care and have a blessed weekend - i hope to hear from you



Tell him to have the lady call you.. and you take care of it.. he could be looking for a way to get more money.. otherwise.. give him his 500 and no more.. and tell him it has to last till the next allotment.. dont let him have anymore than that.. deal with the lady yourself, that way you will know if it is legit.



ok - thank you - i was considering dealing with it myself but if it is legit - i will have to pay her $300+ and then give him his $500. -this is soo much money - i was thinking just give him his 500. and legitinate or not that's all he got - but I dont want to leave an open door for him to get upset with me - oh who knows THANKS AGAIN

another thought.. if this lady works there, she can get fired for advancing money like that, so I find it hard to believe his story..also, if she is someone who just goes there to gamble.. that is even harder to believe.. not many if any gamblers will give up that kind of money even if it is just a loan.. I would be more concerned about who she is! Again.. give him his 500 and leave it at that.. if he gets more out of you on the first time.. you will have to deal with this everytime he gets paid.. stick to your guns!!


OK - Here is what he just said - he told me to go ahead and pay her myself when I get off of work and deduct it out of his $500.00 - I said ok - But how can i tell if at all that this is legit when i go and meet her - should I say anything or just leave it alone - Thanks guys I really needed someone to talk to

I would just like to add my personal experience to this line of posting, for what it's worth. 4 yrs ago when I was heavily in casino debt with markers, I frantically tried to find someone to bail me out. No one could (or would) and when I look back, it was the best thing for me. It made me take full responsibility for what I had done...there were no bail outs, no saviors. I had to come up with the solution and it made me realize why I had to stop...there was no more $ for this. I see friends who were bailed out by their spouses and they are still gambling, while restricted somewhat, they still are there not really understanding the consequences of their actions.

This is just my personal opinion, as it turned out for me I'm glad no one bailed me out, otherwise I never would have stopped or hit bottom. My thoughts are with you...


Ok Zoe - I hear what you are saying - because a huge part of me whats to tell this lady "oh well". If we pay her off then that only leaves him with another open door to borrow against next time. Right? I think I need to just take the 300+ out his $500. and see how it goes - Hey thanks everybody for being there with your quick responses - IT SURE HELPS when you have someone to talk to


I hope you get a receipt..then he can pay you back too


Dear Anita,

I hope and pray that you kept your sanity and made it through a stronger person. My brain is getting back in commission so I'll be "talking" with you soon. Wishing you all the best. - Clay


I made the mistake of loaning my son money to pay his bills when he lost what money he had to gambling. I wish I never would have. Yes, it is a difficult situation, but when you give them money, you only enable them to keep gambling. I may be wrong, but I do not think he would be in the mess he is in now had I not. Now, no one has any money left to "loan" him, and he is thinking that maybe gambling may not be what he should be doing. Now, it is very hard to quit. Years of my enabling him have only helped see to it that he became a cg. I am sick about it. Please, A. think long and hard about giving money for gambling. I wish you the best. Call me any time.