Peace in My Life

For the last 2 months I felt this strange inner peace. I wasn't used to it at first but as time went by it became a part of me. As compulsive gamblers we're used to having turmoil-- behind on our bills, lying to people about our whereabouts, and lying to ourselves.

I think this peace is what a "normal" life is supposed to be like. Not everyone has a perfect, peaceful life. But some are more peaceful than others. Cool

Have a peaceful 24 hours everyone. We all deserve it.



I want to feel like that too! The past few weeks have been so great. I have spent time with my little daughter and my teenage son. I haven't snapped at anyone becuase of all the pressures that gambling brings. I may not b totally peaceful yet (its still early for me), but I have had so much more quality time with my family.

All this from a guy who drives high rollers to and from the Casino!!

Hee Haw!


Good to hear, Honesty and Scotty Smile
I'm new to it too.....but I could get to like it Big Grin
Take care, peace, out Big Grin

Great to hear about your peace. The one thing that is worth all the money in the world is 'Peace of Mind'. We spend and waste so much time trying to please ourselves, trying to do this or that for ourselves. I read somewhere once, something that stuck in mind, I think it was an Indian guy who said it, "I notice in my life, that all my misery has come from trying to make myself happy, and all my happiness has come from trying to make others happy."

In my own personal life, I have been quite wealthy and I have been quite poor. I have also noticed that the happiest days of my life cost me nothing. Being present when my son was being born, fishing with my dad, running free in the woods with my dog when I was a kid, having sex under the stars, watching my wife when she is sleeping... there are hundreds of pleasures that cost nothing. The real miseries come from trying to make money, to win money, to get something for free, that eventually costs us a fortune, not to mention the heartaches.


I feel great joy when I hear stories of how people like yourself have found peace. I myself am in early recovery from 26 yrs of gambling addiction and those feelings of peace and happiness are strange but exhilerating, my life has turned around. For me however it is not peace of mind that is exhilerating it is peace in my soul, my spirit is begining to heal.


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From a Buddhist prayer.'May all beings be happy may they live in safety and joy.' The Buddha also said that man is the cause of his own suffering and he's not far off,so it's down to us------- with a little help from our friends. Pax!