I wonder what happened to so and so?

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I have been reading many of the entries in the forum. I noticed there are a few people who sign on during a crisis situation and then "POOF"...you don't hear from them again. I hope they have found another way to handle their gambling problems, but my spider sense says they probably are right back at it. My advice...don't be one of those who have a moment of brillance by coming to this site and then waste it by going back to gambling.

This site has been a great place to come and visit and read. It helps solidify my goals...I know its the best thing for me and my family.

I hope the long lost members find their way back here. Its a good place we've got!

By the way, GAMBLOCK is awesome!!!!!!!!!!! It has helped me so much. I have completed two major papers in my college classes and not one visit to that nasty ole' internet gambling site. This is a major accomplishment. I feel so much better with that barrier in place.

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Sunday February 06, 2005
12:45 PM EST


Hey Scotty, ant time any one can spend here on these groups, i promise you is not wasted time. this addiction is deceiving, sneaking, insidious and can grab a hold of the best of us. this is the weekend, superbowl at that, many are out but that doesnt always mean the are gambling..I for example own and run another support group as well as coming here. today I am spending some time with my granddaughters, twins, and will be very busy till Wed, thats when the go back home,..dont always think the worse.. we do want to learn to live life, after gambling too..Its good u got those papers done WTG!! Hugs, lilaud


Hi Scotty,

Right on! Yes, it's easy let things slip when the situation isn't as difficult but this site is important and it is important for all of us to continue to share regardless of where we are in our recovery - crisis or not. I'm thankful for your post becuase it reminds me that I need to be here as much today as I did the day before and so on.

I am encouraged at all the "new faces" that are signing on.

Hoping today is another day free of compulsive gambling for those of us with the affliction.


Just to let you know I read the posts evry single day. I hardly every respond because I don't know what to say yet. So, please don't assume just because people aren't posting they are not reading the site. Thanks

Well here is one of the wayward sheep coming back to the fold. I havent posted for a couple of weeks and the urge to gamble is tremendous. I WANT TO GAMBLE, I know for me it is something I enjoy until I lose to much money. But I am back now. I dont gamble on the internet, but gambling at the Casino is way too much for me. I work at Sam's Club and I dont get paid enough to be throwing it away. Big Grin Anyway happy to be back and God Bless Everyone it is hard to stay away from the addiction of Gambling..Thank God for this place.

Welcome back Kat Smile and keep reading posts bucnoles Smile
Take care, all

Anyone who has read this post might feel a little less inclined to pop in if they have had a bust or blown money etc. Please do not feel that way or stay away. You have not let anyone down here, I can assure you we do most damage to ourselves.

Gee I might have good time up now but I used to go for only days or weeks. Just maintain the big picture in your head is HARM minimisation. If the very worst happens shut down all access to the folding stuff.

All I really hope is do not stay away because of a bust, it is just another thread in the rich tapestry of life so they say...



Please do not judge in our safe place...This is a place where at least the understanding and connection is there. If you try to explain this disease to non-gambler they makes us feel bad...and simply do not accept it as a illness...(Like my husband and many wives). But here you understand and I thank you all for your honesty, compassion and understanding.

Do remember I'm always reading on the site...


Hi Everyone,

I must apologize for this post. I wasn't seeking to put you on the defensive. I was simply worried somebody might have a slip and then not want to come back. I am the last person to "come down" on anyone...I am so weak against this thing its incredible!

I had a big slip and you all helped me out a lot. It was only one week ago, but I can tell you this is the first gambling free week I've had in who knows how long. Smile I hoped that maybe someone who had had a similar event would be compelled to come back.

I want everyone to know I want to help achieve your goal of NOT gambling. I also need you all to help me in this journey. This IS a safe place and we are all together in this.

Again -- I'm really sorry about offending some of my friends.


I wasn't offended, Scotty. I too have wondered about "so and so". Hoping that their absence wasn't a sign of a slip that continued into oblivion.
Talk of slips scares me. I haven't had one, yet. For me, knowing where I have just come from (Hell) a slip might be the last thing I ever do. Not wanting to sound overly melodramatic, but that's the way I feel. But there is a part of me that knows, I may have one...and talking about coming back after a slip might be the (sanity??) that brings me back, even after a fall. I had a dream last night, the first ever since I gave up gambling, that I had slipped and given up my 54 clean days. :O :O :O When I woke, it took a moment for it to sink in that I hadn't ACTUALLY slipped. I felt horrible!! When reality settled in and I realized I was still clean...how do you spell relief?? It was a good feeling, but the remnants of the dream will stick with me for a while. I hope, pray, beg..... that if I ever slip I have the courage and the sanity to come back. So I'm not offended. It's part of the addiction and it needs to be talked about, whether it's in our comfort zone or not.
Take care thanks for sharing Smile


No One is saying that relapses and slipping should not be discussed That behavior is a part of recovery...some of us look for a big something to turn us from compulsive gambling when it could be something as small as a grain a salt that keeps us from making that next bet.. Because as I stated on my original post "The addiction is in the corner doing push-ups (strong as ever) and just waiting to your at a weak moment to creep back into your life. It is a struggle from one day to another. Don't worry you are forgiven scotty, that is what is being done on this site. "Treatment and Healing" Mr. Green

So this is our strength...and we want to keep it that way Shelley.