Please help, I need encouragement

I have been gambling for several years now. I am sick of gambling yet I keep doing it. At first it was an escape from troubles in life, and now I am not so sure why I keep doing it. For the first time, 2 days ago I took an advance on my paycheck to gamble. I have spent all my savings and nevr buy anything for myself because the money goes to gambling. I want to stop. There is no support group around here. Is there anyone out there that has quit with out going to a support group? I want to stop gambling so badly and the thought of continuing down this path is very depressing.


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I can only speak from personal experience. What worked for me was not be so hard on myself. We're only human, we make mistakes.

When you say you gambled to escape from troubles in life, try to find what those troubles are. Are they with people? Situations? For me, it was mostly with people. And to be fair, I was a large part of the problem.

You might want to try self-help and support group to see what works for you. I did mostly self-help.

All the best to you.




Hello Taylor,

Everyone needs to find what works for them. For me it was finally getting one on one counselling through Gamblers Help here in Australia. I attended only one GA meeting, but found I felt more comfortable in a one on one situation.

Also, I researched as much as I could via the internet about gambling addiction and also joined several support boards, as I found each one had a different "feel" and I was able to find out what others had done and what may be an option for me to consider.

Taylor, payout this payday loan asap and NEVER get one again - once caught in that cycle it is so difficult to stop relying on them as a source of available cash, which just compounds all the problems.

Keep searching for the different resources that are available in your area and most importantly try to stay determined in overcoming this addiction.



Dear taylor

I totally agree with Lindah, recovery for me is like trying on shoes. I keep trying things and keep the stuff that works. It is all based upon a willingness on my behalf to do what it takes to be truely happy.