What to do? I don't want to give up all gambling

I placed my last bet on 12/4/04 and I am very proud of myself. I played the slots at the Casino and bingo alot. Well I have analyzed my situation I have made a decision not to go on the Casino that is where I lose sooo much money...but Bingo I can play that once a week and not feel the effect. I have been doing different things; going to Movies;out to eat so, I figure the same amount would be spent on Bingo...But, will this trigger my compulsive behavior to gambling at the Casino...please someone stop me before I give up all my clean time which, I am very proud of. I have come to the conclusion that I am not all that happy about giving up all gambling...I'm running out of interesting things to do...Ijust want to continue playing Bingo once a week as a outing. What to do? Question

Ms. Unique

Ms. Unique,

If you want to stop gambling, you should try to stop with the bingo. You are leaving the door wide-open to a full relapse by playing bingo.

What to do?

-- Go to the gym
-- Community volunteer
-- Take up a hobby
-- Read a book, write a book
-- Continue education

....? Add more here.

Best wishes.

Admin. January 11, 2005

Thank you for your feed back, I think I do need to visit a gym. But, the desire is still there to gamble. I just thought life would be much better without gambling and some money in the bank. Where is the joy...Open my mind up please.

I think there could be a void, emptiness in your life that needs to be addressed. The only person that could make Ms. Unique happy is Ms. Unique.

If you find the process of doing something not enjoyable (going to the gym) then try to force yourself.

Anyone have any advice for Ms. Unique?

Writing always helps me. Being here in the forum hasn't hurt either. We've got to stick together to work through this addiction, to share our strengths and solutions because somehow, someway we all will get through this. I'm here for you (email if you like) as are others. Best wishes and be good to yourself!

Hi there, I was wondering how you have gone with the new and "Exciting" interests you took up.Have they helped,did you try the bingo experiment? As a long time gambler in recovery I suggest you try to stay away from all forms of gambling because one this leads to another, and in this crappy world of addiction this has the worst possible outcomes as we all know...

Cheers for now



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Hi Ms Unique Smile

I can't tell you what you need to do...I only know that for me, I feel more at ease knowing exactly where the line is drawn. Gambling is gambling. It makes it simpler for me to know I can't buy lottery tickets, scratch tickets, pull tickets, bingo, raffle tickets. Even though I don't THINK that those things would give me the same rush sitting at a slot machine would...it's just so much easier to abstain than waste any time trying to figure out if I should or shouldn't. When we were gambling, we couldn't make good decisions...and even after we stop for a while, some of these decisions are ones that we shouldn't make without help, or take lightly. Hope that makes sense. I'm reminded of a situation I was in recently. Our curling team always throws in $5 each after a game to play pull tickets. The girls had bought them, not knowing I was no longer gambling. I came to the table, sat down and :O was confronted with a choice. I didn't care either way if I played them, I was more concerned about what those around me would think. I almost played them, just to keep things "easy". I chose not to. BUT....all that night I had a tremendous urge to go to the casino, when all day I had felt very strong. Did it have something to do with the pull tickets? Did I think, subconsiously, that if I could say no to the tickets I could "control" my gambling? I don't know why I had that urge, but I'm pretty certain I wouldn't have had it if those tickets hadn't been in front of me. Now that the girls know I don't play them anymore, I won't need to be faced with it again. I can't go back to that old life...it will be the end of me. I think it's a small trade to give up those few things I might think I can "handle"
Take care, hope my babbling helps Smile

Yes, it makes alot of sense and from experience I have come to realize that the Bingo do trigure the desire(urge) to go to the Casino. Since I decided to quit gambling it is not so fun or should I say the rush wasn't the same anymore. I went on the Casino for the first time again for my birthday(convinced by the people I use to assoiciate myself with, my mom and my aunt...by the way it hurt me so much to give up my clean time(2 months)...and I didn't have that rush I use to have. My playing card continue to flash "Happy Birthday"...which of course, to pull me back in the gambling trans I won...but, I do realize that happened because I had not been to this particular Casino in 2 months.

Reality is sooo much better than the merry go round life of gambling I realized I truly missed the company of my mother and aunt but, I understand to be successful in my recovery I have to dis-assoiciate myself with famliar people and places(gamblers)... Thank you Shelley

February 09, 2005
11:44 AM EST

Ms Unique Smile
I'm sorry you had a slip, but it looks to me like you learned something...which is always a good thing.
Yes, maybe you have to dis-associate from people and places. Maybe instead of "visiting" with your Mom and Aunt at the casino, you could call them up some day and treat them to lunch? I know, I have done this a lot lately, and I realize I actually visit with my Mom more over lunch that I ever did at the casino, where most of our exchanges involved "Are you winning?" or " Are you up yet?" Same goes for my friends. I'm VERY fortunate in that, all my friends and family have accepted the fact that I can no longer gamble. I think, eventually, your Mom and Aunt will too.
Wishing you a solid 24 Smile
Take care

The only way to stop gambling and not lose clean time, is to not gamble in any way, shape or form.. any sort of gambling, will tease and trigger you to keep gambling.. as Im sure you know.. its like taking that first drink. Nothing takes the place of gambling, except a better lifestyle and getting into things that bring you real joy and accomplishments.. doing other things, many things out there to do.. each person has to discover what it is that they like doing.. try something new each day, or when you have free time or feel bored.. anything but gambling. You will be much happier afterwards for sure.. keep up the good work. One day at a time. Hugs lilaud