Hello everyone!

I've finally made it through a few days without gambling. Who would have thought? Asking for support, making and keeping safeguards in place, reaching out, talking, taking chances and opening up. Somehow it's all coming together and although the pain and agony in my life right now are at an all time high and seemingly intollerable, I'm praying for another day without the slot machine as my friend.

Welcome to all the new "faces" that are posting.

cotexmcs. Monday January 31, 2005
11:12 AM EST

Take it one day at a time cotexmcs you can do it. It is very hard I truly understand your pain and also admire your strength. Don't forget to reward yourself because you deserve it. One day clean is such a Blessing!!!!! Big Grin


Ms. Unique


hello my friend, Keep thinking.. no more gambling, one day at a time.. always stay aware! Its those baby steps that turn into giant leaps.. Hugs, Audrey


I am clean x 1 1/2 days. I keep thinking, just do the right thing...be the person you want to be. One day at a time is the only way to do it. Keep doing the things that make you proud of yourself.


1 1/2 days... Me too.

TJ...It has to start somewhere...right? Picture yourself months from now, clean and happy. Keep focused and stay strong.


Well done guys and gals,take it easy as we all say one day at a time. Do take the time to reward yourself, it could be a simple coffee and cake up the mall etc.It is a great time to relax, ponder as you enjoy it.Often a smile will come across my face when I do, reminding me how long this $5 is lasting and it tastes so good...

Thinking of you all