Knock Knock...Anyone there?lol

Hello everyone,well how long has it been since I was last here? Ages, a lot has happened lately and I saw an email that sparked something inside of me to jump on and touch base.

This dreadful illness has been way too unkind to someone very close to me that I was unable to help.Fighting your own demons is hard, but seeing someone else being consumed by theirs and being so useless is the worst.I have been battling on many fronts and still hanging in there but gee it gets rough.As you know I am talking near 3 years now and that is not to say time does not ease things because it does.I have had some great times, peaceful, happy and content.

The thing that sneaks up is not being aware of what is happening around ourselves...Im going to grab a coffee(3rd one) and sit down and write some stuff down, be back soon friends.

Welcome and thanks to all the good people who have joined our group too.We are not bad people, just our behaviour is...keep your chin up


Saturday June 11, 2005
02:00 AM EDT

Monday June 13, 2005
08:13 AM EDT
It must of been too long,I was locked out of

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