19 days...and a new hobby....

back again after many slips...happy w/my 19 days.....have thoughts..but no urges....have moments, but not long, have desires, but it goes away.......


how i loved it....how i loved making myself a drink on a friday night, after work, baby asleep, go into the computer room, turn it on.......LETS PARTY....man I miss it....lets face it...its been w/me for 3 years.....hard to turn off....


i smoked for 10 +++ years...gave that up......I partied 2-3 nights a week .....gave that up....so whats going to fill my void now? 

I have a feeling that recovery is.....recovery is going to take up all my time...thats my new hobby....recovery.....i get to do it every day....all day, morning, noon and night...and the more i do it...the more i enjoy it.....


Hope all is well.....


Stacey It looks like it's


It looks like it's just you and me. Kiss

Everyone else has found a way to beat this thing and they're no longer gambling by the looks of it. I wish they would drop in and tell me how they did it.

Let me see if I have this right. You smoked, you partied hard, and you gambled. Sounds like you're the kind of girl I'd like to meet. Tongue out

Seriously, I hope everyone has quit and is doing well. I haven't gambled since April 11, 2006, approaching 6 months now. I hope to be here when I'm 10 years clean.

Tlk 2 u latr.



guess so

Everyone has to re register..maybe thats the hold up?  Anywho.....yeah....I never did drugs.....liked Happy Hour...socializing that was my thing....but w/the new baby and all ....its kept me home alot..bored alot..and then the gambling surfaced....its good to know that i got this all out of my system early on....I see how others have struggled at their age, middle age and hardly anything to show for it?  I DONT WANT TO BE THAT PERSON...

I cant get over how powerful this addiction is.. it boggles my mind, and I cant explain it to anyone.....WHY CANT I BE ADDICTED TO EXERCISING? OR CHURCH?  Good ness...anywho glad you're here....write soon!!!

Why can't you be addicted to

Why can't you be addicted to exercise?

Try going to the gym if you haven't done so and see if you like it.

Re-registration, that could be the hold up. The site has changed a few times in the last few months. I hope everyone comes back. I miss Moe and the other regulars. I really hope they're doing well...and if they are doing well, don't be snobs! Drop in and say hello. Laughing

I'm fairly young in the scheme of things and I do hope it's out of my system also. But experience has shown that if I'm not vigilant, it will sneak back in my life.

Talk to you soon.



I dont know where i read this but the saying is something like this.....

your addiction is doing pushups in the corner getting stronger and stronger just waiting for you to invite it back in.....

pretty crazy huh......keep looking in the corner....

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Hi Bach and Stacy...I'm here

Hi Bach and Stacy...I'm here and just wanted to say hi.  Stacy -- that was a cool quote about the addition doing push-ups waiting for you to let it back in.  Sounds like you two are pretty young and if so, good for you in getting this thing out of your life.  You don't know how much pain and agony you are eliminating by making this move early.  I'm 44, and I can honestly say gambling caused me about 25 years on useless stress and financial hardship.  I can't get that time and money back...but things are so much better now.  Well, at least I didn't wait even longer to quit!!

Hopefully all "the regulars" and those that want to be a regular will stop by for a chat.

All the best,