Looking for information on sports betting


Does any one know where I can find information on the number of people who bet on sports, and the percentage that make a living at it? I have been searching the web for information on sports betting, and most of what there is, is information on how to DO it, not help for those that are addicted to s. betting.

Paul, thank you for the information you have given me. It has helped alot. This is the kind of information I would like to show my son. I would like to show my son this information (what the odds are of his making a living at this); I would like to show him where this information came from (studies, etc.) I hope things are going well for you.

Jane, Wednesday May 18, 2005
03:29 PM EDT

Hi Jane,

I think that there are only 100 people in the U.S. who make a living from gambling. Most of those people make under $100,000 a year. Because no one can defy the goods forever, there are always new faces replacing the old ones on the list.

For me, I've accepted that there is no way to make a living at gambling. That's from over a decade of experience and watching people lose everything they have. Your son will soon face reality and it probably won't like the consequences.



Thank you, Honesty. What I am looking for is "proof", I guess you could say. I am sure your figure is correct, however, I would like to have something from a source that I could show my son that he could believe to be true. (Not than I am disputing your figures, please don't think I am. I hope you understand what I am saying.) Are there any web sites, or books, articles, any thing that shows the percentage of people that bet, and those that actualy make a living? My son, though, thinks he is so good at this, that he can be one of the few that make it work. I am sure you know what I am talking about. He is an intelligent young man, and I have hope that he will see the reality of this soon.

Yes, I am hoping he will see where he is heading. The problem is, he has been winning quite alot,(15,000 in 2 months) and this gives him hope. Sad, but true. If he could only see that it is so very hard, and rare, to do this. He says that he will quit if he sees that he can't make a living at this. If only it were this easy. He is so young to have such a terrible addiction.

Thank you again for your help. All the best to all of you,



Dear Jane
Having 5 children myself I understand the anquish you might feel. I consider myself to be intelligent yet when it came to gambling all the proof in the world made no difference, in fact the logical part of my brain said I could not win, but this did not stop me, this is the nature of my addiction. There are thousands of articles from many pyschologists and others that point out the nature of addiction, this is where possibly you start finding proof. All the stats in the world would not stop me from gambling. If your son did no longer gamble because you could prove to him that winning is impossible than I wish you the best. I would however suggest that from what I know from my addiction that in the long run it would do nothing.
I did find a book that might help it does have some Stats on sports betting goto http://www.gamblingfactsandfictions.com/



Thank you Murrayff, for your reply.
I understand, as much as I can, the power of this addiction. So does my son. He thinks sports betting is different. A couple of weeks ago I saw a program on t.v. about gambling. It was actually a pretty good program. They talked about the odds of making money gambling. They showed how the casinos make sure you do not make money. But they said that "the only way it is remotely possible to make a living gambling, is sports betting." This may have been the same program my son saw a few years ago. When they said how much some people make doing this, my son instantly became interested. He knows alot about sports, and at times has made more money with his betting than he has at his job.

I understand that my showing my son that winning is impossible will not stop him from gambling. There are times that he really does want to quit, and I am hoping to have some good information to give him when he next decides to quit. Maybe it will help him to get the help he needs. I can only try. Yes, it is hard to be a parent of a gambling addicted person. As I am sure it is hard to be a spouse, or a child, or a friend. Learning about this addiction helps. My son and I are very close, and my heart breaks for him.

I am going to attend gam. anon. meetings for family members this summer. I hope it helps. I do have to continue to live my life. It is hard.

Thank you for the info on the book! It may just be what I am looking for.




When anyone places a bet against the house, the house always has the advantage. Even in sports betting. In some sports betting, the house has the advantage of what's called the "spread." Your son is aware of this.

As a former compulsive gambler, the only suggestion I can make is to monitor him and let him learn from experience. Ask him if he's won or lost more money since he started gambiing. Compulsive gamblers are known to embellish their wins and hide their losses. I'm not saying that your son is doing it...Experience is the best teacher.

Recently, I had a mini-relapse with drugs. I didn't beat myself up over it though. I didn't criticize or condemn myself over my mistakes. I learned to live with it and move on. I think that there will come a point when you might have to let your son live his life and make his own decisions. There was only so much people could have done for me. The rest I had to want for myself and work for it. Someday your son will come to his fork in the road.

I wish you the best.



I figure of 100 professional gamblers making money came from Paulie D's post on another topic. I thought I had read it somewhere else. My apologies to Paulie D.

"Unless your son has the discipline to become a professional sports bettor and in 2000 there were only 100 professional bettors in the United States and only 10 of them made over $100,000. These people are extremely "controlled" to a point they have difficulty communicating with others. This means your son would have to go sometimes days without placing a bet. The professional sports bettor looks for an advantage and this advantage is not found on a daily basis it could be a few weeks before a bet is made. Can your son do this, I doubt it, I certainly couldn't. "

I have seen business people, singers, athletes with jet planes and mansions but I've never seen a gambler with those things.



I would like to thank all here that have offered help and advice. Without this site, and a few others, it would be so much more difficult to try to understand this terrible addiction. I have learned that we all have to be strong and positive EVERY DAY, no matter how difficult times are. There is always hope.

My son may be at that fork in the road. Which path he takes, I can only hope. He has the love and support of his family. He knows he has a problem; I think he is confused on exactly how to handle it.

Paul, you have been a TREMENDOUS help, offering your advice, and even your email and phone number. I hope you know how much you help others.

Here are a few quotes I would like to share:

Ernest Hemingway wrote: "The world breaks everyone and afterward many are strong at the broken places."

Viktor Frankl wrote: "There is nothing in the world...that would so effectively help one to survive even the worst conditions as the knowledge that there is a meaning in life." Frankl also noted that the meaning can be acheived by "(1) creating a work or doing a deed; (2) experiencing something or encountering someone; and (3) the atitude we take toward unavoidable suffering."