Just wanted to say "hi"

I moved back in with my husband, he has been gamble free for 16 days (maybe more). I feel differently towards him then I felt before. We lost something (I think) over the last incident. We had been going to marriage counseling but I decided to stop. I have developed the attitude that if he wishes NO IF HE CHOOSES to stop then he will. If he doesn't then he knows me and our daughter are gone. And ultimately I have come to realize that decision is his just like it is my decision to go. If he continues with abstinence maybe something inside of me will begin to change but if he doesn't I have already resigned to the fact that I may do it on my own (my life and raising my daughter that is ) Once I developed that attitude I began to feel better and stronger. I have even started dieting and working out everyday. So something good can come from bad. I am doing well. I hope and pray that all of you find the answers that you are looking for or find that one thing that you need to fill that void. Best of luck to each and everyone of you. Once again and for the last time I thank you all for when I needed an ear. God Bless and Happy Easter for those that celebrate it.

Anita, Thursday March 24, 2005
04:19 PM EST


Anita, I hope everything works out for you.


How are things going with your husband's gambling? My husband hasn't gambled since he told me 4 months ago!!!