Incomplete self-knowledge

Thought I'd share this with everyone.

What exactly are we trying to avoid through gambling? Success, pain, anger...?

It could be the result of incomplete self-knowledge. We don't know ourselves well enough.

"Tragic flaw, derived from the Greek word hamartia, which is also translated in religious works (i.e. the Bible) as sin. The term comes from Aristotle's Poetics.

A tragic flaw in literature is a series of actions the neither thoroughly good nor evil protagonist (often called the tragic hero) takes, that eventually brings him down in the end. The concept was created in ancient Greek tragedy. More often than not, the tragic flaw is hubris, such as in the works Antigone and Oedipus Rex. Another famous tragic hero is Shakespeare's King Lear. An example of a protagonist with a tragic flaw in modern literature would be Willy Loman in Death of a Salesman. A more subtle example would be the fictionalized Antonio Salieri in Peter Shaffer's Amadeus.

However, there is some debate in academic circles as to exactly what hamartia is, and what Aristotle meant by the word. The word literally means something like "missing the mark", and it has been suggested by some that the modern idea of the "tragic flaw" is a mistranslation of the Greek. Some argue that a number of the Greek Tragedies (like Oedipus Rex) actually contain no clearly identifiable tragic flaws, but have been interpreted subjectively to fit Aristotle's theory. Regardless of what Aristotle actually meant, though, the term "tragic flaw" and the idea behind it are firmly ensconced within literary criticism.

An alternative translation is tragic mistake this translation implies the idea that the character makes a mistake based on an incomplete self knowledge."

Honesty, Tuesday May 24, 2005
04:10 PM EDT


Human beings do not make mistakes. They make poor calculations.

There are no such things as good and evil, or right and wrong; all this is just a matter of ‘opinion’, yours, mine or somebody else’s.

Human calculations are made from the information at hand, at the time and in the circumstances we find ourselves in. Incorrect, or insufficient information will lead to poor calculations and therefore, end results. Inappropriate emotions will also lead to poor calculations if they are allowed to influence the end result.

Self-awareness and self-knowledge can only come from Truth, and solid facts, they cannot come about through ‘belief systems’, whether those belief systems are religious or political.

Great teachers such as Buddha, Jesus and Mohammed taught the same Truths. “Know thyself and to thine own self be true.” They did not say, “Build fabulous, expensive churches, cathedrals, mosques, or temples and worship Me.”

The original Truths were simple, easy to follow, but the masses have been led astray... Now the Truths are hidden, disguised as sin, guilt and remorse... wrong doings, evil and mistakes... ad infinitum.

Human beings are also animals... and along with the animals and all of Nature, we are doing our ‘thing’. The difference is, we are ‘thinking’ animals and therefore ‘programmable’ through nurture. In order to find ourselves we must first wipe the programming clean... go back to the Nature and the simplicity of LIFE... before the programming... before religion and politics and see ourselves for what we really are in Nature. The Truth is within.

Just my thoughts.