Any advice on getting started

I have never wrote on a forum before. I have a wonderful boyfriend who is a bartender. This past weekend he confessed to me he had to lie to his mother to get her to give him a few thousand dollars to pay off a gambling debt. He was crying and desperatly wants help. His problem is not so much the casinos but more that he gambles on any kind of sporting event. He is not very computer literate so he asked me to see if I could find any form of counselling on the web. I have looked and really don't even know where to start. Does anyone have any advise? Is counselling the way to go? Is there anything else he can do?

Christine, Monday January 03, 2005
08:08 AM EST



Ask your boyfriend to attend Gamblers Anonymous. Or stop hanging around with people who are into gambling. They are only there to make him part with his hard earned money. You must make this point clear to him.


Thank you for your quick response. Unfortunately we can not find any meetings in our area. I searched the internet and came up empty handed. Since he works as a bar manager I am scared he is still going to always be exposed to the gambling. I am hoping it is not going to come to him having to leave his job because he has worked there forever and besides this temptation it causes it really is an ideal job.

If he wants to keep his job, then let him keep it. But if comes to the point where he's losing more money than he's making from the job, then you might want to have a talk with him.

Good luck.