I'm looking for help

I've had a gambling problem for about 4 years and I always thought I could control it by myself. Boy was I wrong! It hit me pretty hard last night when my wife received the credit card statement. I realized how much I was hurting her. I have a newborn baby and I want to be the best father possible. I want to change for them but mostly for myself. I'm tired of that empty feeling when I leave the sportsbook. I like to bet on sports and play poker online.

I live in Las Vegas and work in a casino. It's gonna to be hard to beat this but I'm going to do it. I have a great support team so I won't have any excuses for not beating this. My first test is going to come next weekend(Superbowl) and to top it off I have people coming to town for a bachelor party. I have already informed my 2 best friends coming about my sitution and let them know that I couldn't watch the Superbowl in a sportsbook. I'm going to take this 1 day at a time and any advice anyone has for me I would appreciate it. Thanks for listening.

bucnoles, Saturday January 29, 2005
01:04 AM EST


My suggestion is to start a journal and write down what you've gone through and where you want to go in life.


Thanks for the idea, Honesty. I think I'm going to start one tonight. I have some thoughts and emotions running through my body right now I need to get them out. Thanks


hello there, welcome! Yes, you are going to have it very hard, living in Vegas is one thing but working for a casino and being a compulsive gambler is pure madness. One of the things we have to do, when we need to stop gambling is stay away from people places and things that have to do with gambling. Its going to be extremely hard for you. Im not trying to discourage you at all, Im just being honest and giving you the reality of being a cg. I know there are some people who are cgs and work in the gambling industry and have abstained.. but I dont know very many who have.

You are going in the right direction and you sound like you are taking this very serious. The best thing I could say right now, is to turn over all your cash, credit cards, atm cards, checkbook, anything and anyway you can get money and turn it over to your wife. Go to work with just enough to eat on and for gas to get there.. You cannot have access to any means of getting money. Then keep working one day at a time to NOT gamble. This is a very insidious disease. This is an emotional addiction. Think about being an alcoholic and having to work in a bar.. ? Later on you might even consider finding other means of employment.. I know that is hard to hear, but compulsive gambling kills people.. My heart goes out to you.. I could have never stopped if I worked around it.. I know how strong the urges can be, when you are not near it, I can just imagine being around it, hearing it, seeing others win, but take a hard look at the ones losing.. the ones that are there running to that atm machine over and over, look at all the sad, tired, desperate faces.. You just might want to think about getting a new job.. seriously.. Stay strong.. You are going to need all the support you can get. find a ga meeting, heck they are all over Vegas.. You can do it.. you have too.. your life is worth it. Hugs