Very much enjoyed the chat...TJ, Zoe and (briefly) Akaneat

Just wanted to say I very much enjoyed the chat we gals had this morning Big Grin Much easier to put a "personal" side to you now that I've "met" you Wink Hoping for more, and in case you didn't read the forum, Kat is trying to put together a chat time for anyone who would like to.
Have a great day, everyone!!

Take Care Smile
Shelley, Thursday February 10, 2005
06:50 PM EST


I would love that!!!! I think that is an excellent idea!!! Please let me know if and when that is going to happen.. Take care all and have a blessed day


Gee can boys who behave come too Ladies???lol



Of course you can join us Rob.....but please don't behave ALL the time... we need a little 'distraction' now and then Wink

hehee Shelley

Yes..the more the marrier. I enjoyed it too.
Nice to meet you all.