We grow out of certain things

Sometimes we do grow out of certain things. People outgrow each other and separate. People outgrow their addiction and move on in life. In the last 5 months, I've gambled twice. Losing $70 and $40. I had an opportunity to lose much more than that that but didn't want to. I remember thinking, while gambling, that this was boring. What was I trying to accomplish? Why should I be a victim of the casino? I left on both occassions with great remorse that I would actually allow myself to punish myself like that. I had no reason to.

I like my peace now. I enjoy this peace with myself and with those around me.

Honesty, Thursday January 27, 2005
05:43 AM EST

hello Honesty, Good morning Smile
Just last night in group therapy our counselor was saying that in his experience with working with cgs that usually the last time we gamble, and end up staying in recovery or not gambling again, the last time that we do do it, it is usually a small amount, not even enough to cause and immediate financial damage.. we kind of end our gambling without any sort of bang. I know this doesnt happen for every cg, but it makes sense. We just have to make sure we dont keep taking chances and dabbling in every now and then. Once we stop and get the time free from gambling we have to stay stopped and continue working our recovery. It can and will get right back to where it was in our lives if we take chances like that, just stay aware and dont tempt or let this addiction fool you into believing you can do it now and then.. we cant.. why would you want too? Send the money to me and I will buy something with it Smile kidding of course. But you need to stay away from them places.. it can and will creep back up on you and steal you right back.. be aware. Take care, Hugs, lilaud

lilaud, thanks for the advice. I won't dabble anymore. A friend invited me and I was weak. The next time anyone invites me to go gambling, I'll politely turn them down.


Honesty...I hope to be in your place a few months from now. thanks for the inspiration. I am beginning with the end in mind...here is the end I have in mind...

Fast forward from 1 Feb to 1 May:
My wife and baby calmly having a BBQ in May 2005. Nice music, maybe some wine and no gambling. This night in May all the bills are paid, we aren't stressed out over money I have BLOWN on gambling. The stars are twinkling and the future is brighter...(to be continued)


Focus on those things enough and they will become reality. Gamblers are energetic and smart people. We need to admit that we've been taking the easy way out. It's time to channel our intelligence and energy to the good things in life.

Stick to the fundamentals: Know what we want, work hard; be persistent and patient. Everything else will come. It sounds like cliche but the basics do work.

Fill your mind with positive thoughts.



Scotty555 - That was really sweet - I really appreciated that. Take care and god bless and protect.