Accepting ourselves for who we are

One of the things that has worked for me is accepting myself for who I'm, my faults and all. However, this does not mean I sit on my laurel and never make an effort to improve my character. Once I accepted myself, then I asked myself what areas of my life I could improve on. The answer: There were a lot of areas I could improve on. That's what makes this journey of life so fun. I've accepted the adage that "Life is a journey."

Once I accepted myself for the person I'm, I was able to accept other people for who they are without trying to change them. It was difficult at first. I was always trying to push my values onto them, but later learned that it's hard enough to change myself, never mind trying to change other people.

I have learned these past months that HONESTY is a very integral part of becoming a better person. Being honest with myself and being honest with other people. Being honest does not mean telling a person they're overweight or they need to change something about themselves. Being honest to me means living the life I'm supposed to be living so I can sleep better at night.

I think that one of the most important objects of life is to be at PEACE with ourselves. To me this means remaining calm at all times, being patient and persistent with our goals.

Some adages that I live by and that have helped me end my gambling and drug addiction:

THERE IS NOTHING IN LIFE WORTH GETTING ANGRY OVER. Once we get angry at something, it only makes the problem worse and it acts as a trigger for gambling. Also, if somone makes us angry, they've won. I don't let what people think, say, or act affect what I have to do.

THERE IS NOTHING IN LIFE WORTH GETTING DEPRESSED OVER. Sometimes I get sad but haven't had depression for awhile. There is nothing so bad that we should hide ourselves from the world. We all deserve to be happy.

It's been said that the root of addictions is a emotions, how we feel abut ourselves. Over these past months, I've been able to recognize, label, and control my emotions to help me slowly attain my life goals. I'm also having fun in the process. I'm careful to let how other people feel affect how I feel, unless they're good and positive feelings.

We are beings of emotions and not intellect. We should know how to make ourselves feel good at any moment without external influences. We have to accept responsibility for our own actions and stopping blame someone or something else. In the end, we are responsible for our own happiness and peace.

One way I keep a positive outlook on life is to know what I want so I can spend my time keeping busing pursuing my goals. I also think positive, speak positive, and only do positive things. I distance myself from negative people like the plague. THINK POSITIVE, SPEAK POSITIVE, DO POSITIVE THINGS, HANG AROUND WITH POSITIVE PEOPLE!

I had to get a few things out because I haven't written anything in awhile and it looks like this forum needed a new post. Big Grin

Hope everyone is doing well.

Honesty, Monday May 02, 2005
04:08 AM EDT


Thanks Honesty, for those wise words. I appreciate your posting. Things are getting better slowly here. wishing you a great week.