Why are we discussing online poker?

I was of the understanding that this was a compulsive gambling support group. Why on earth are there debates about the merits of Poker?

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Kathy, Saturday July 03, 2004
11:59 PM EDT

To show the FOOLISHNESS of the way some people think. After the excuses, “theories” and “strategies”, poker comes down to two things:

1) A flip of card, which is pure luck. You don’t need a strategy if you’re dealt a winning hand.
2) Who can bluff better (lie better).

All the psychological warfare and strategies involve one primary goal and that is to try and “guess” the other players’ hands. If you read the posts, most strategies rely on events that are beyond your control. Although it is not completely random, it still requires that you predict the outcome based on chance and probability.

Poker is gambling.


If poker isn't gambling, then I don't know what it is. You sit around the table and random cards are dealt to you. You have no choice what cards you'll get.

It's gambling. People are denial if they think poker requires skill. They "think" it does. I've been a poker player and like Anon said, you're dealt good hands or you have to bluff your ass.



From a Casino Manager:

SOME forms of Poker are games of skill, AND a high % of LUCK! I always tell players that it is better to be a Lucky player, than to be a Good player.

.0000001 % of Poker players end up winning at Poker. 99.999999 % LOSE!
The question is, "Are you good enough?"
The answer is, "Very, very, very, very...(900 times) unlikely." You have more chance of winning the State lottery... twice in a row!

In ANY game where ANY kind of vig or % is taken, it is IMPOSSIBLE to win at Poker, no matter how good the player is.

In Casino Poker, it is IMPOSSIBLE to win period! No matter how good you are! or 'think' you are.


Tuesday March 08, 2005
12:03 AM EST