Let go of the past and concentrate on the future

One of the biggest mistakes I've made is to concentrate on the past. What works for me is to concentrate on the day and the future. Focus on the things we want to accomplish, one day at a time. As soon as negative thoughts enter our mind, reject them and get back on track. Think about the things we want.

Honesty, Thursday August 19, 2004
06:31 PM EDT

It is the only way to go.One day at a time of course but I never worrie about yesterday or tomorrow,only today.That includes whaT i AM GOING TO EAT DO ETC.i REALLY NEED MY LIFE THAT SIMPLE AT THE MOMENT TO STAY ON TRACK BUT IT WORKS FOR ME SO WHY PUNISH ONES SELF WITH BAD MEMORIES AND REMINDERS i SAY!sorry about mixed caps,didnt look up...hahaha


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