I figured it out LOL

Hi, I'm new here, and just now figured out the whole forum thing. It's good to see so many posts, and so many points of view, both from gamblers and non-gamblers. I have 30 days clean, attend GA, and came to the site for in-between-meeting help. It's funny how, since I have stopped gambling, my life and my days are still filled with gambling thoughts. Not thoughts that I want to go gamble so much as how to prevent them. I am looking forward to the day that gambling is on the back burner of my brain, hoping for a day that I don't consciously have to remind myself where I have been so I don't slip back there. Hoping to have an online chat with someone soon!
Take care Smile
Take care

Shelley, Monday January 17, 2005
10:28 PM EST



Keep up the good work.