Do we become like our parents?

Has anyone ever had a session with a psychiatrist or psychologist?

I wonder why is that they bring up the subject's parents. "What were your parents like?"

"How was your relationship with your parents?"
"Did you get along with your parents?"

A co-worker said that no matter how hard we try we end up like our parents. I didn't agree with her because there was the implication that we reflect our parents' thoughts and ideals. We become like them only in someways.

Do we have a deep emotional attachment to our parents to reflect ourselves in them?

Honesty, Wednesday March 02, 2005
09:40 PM EST

I've had sessions with Psychoanalyst and psychotherapist. I had to write down all that I could remember of my life. I was around 30. I then had to go back the following week for a chat with the analyst. She said, "You had a very bad childhood, how do you feel about that?" I was somewhat stunned. To my mind,(at that time) I had a great childhood. I said, "No, What makes you think that?" She went on to look at what I had written. She went on, "Well, this happened to you, and that happend to you and... " Then I had to sit and 'think' about it. I had already done a lot of self-help stuff by that time and was thinking about it in a different way. Anyway I was not about to argue with her, as I thought, "She knows what she is doing." The outcome was, I spent around 15 years on drugs. Ativan, Librium, Valium etc and finally got hooked on Nobrium.

I related the story of how I got un-hooked somewhere else in the forum.

If your co-worker is right, I'd be half dead and wearing a dress. My father is dead and my mother a woman, of course. Big Grin

We have genes from both our parents. That does not mean we end up like them. A boy will learn something of being a man by 'observing' the father and same for girl and mother. Some people will grow up thinking, "I don't want to be like 'him' or 'her' and will not do things that the parent did. As in my case, I would never beat my kids, or make them afraid of me. I try to take the good points my father had, and reject the bad, or what I perceive to be bad.

There may be some truth in, 'we end up like our parents' if we do not 'think' about it. If we do not analyse it.



Who first suggested that you took the drugs?

Did the analysts write the prescription for you?

I heard somewhere that medical professionals earn a percentage of what they prescribe to their patients. Does anyone know if this is true?


cannot remember exactly. It was a clinic. I guess the analyst decides 'what' is wrong and the therapist prescibes the drugs.

I did go on a double blind test for some experiment and had to sign a paper for that. The patient never knows the results of double blind testing. That is done between the drug producers and the clinics. So what you are saying about clinics getting money from the drug manufacturers is quite feasable, and would make sense.

Don't even trust your mothers where money is concerned... a good old casino saying. Big Grin