Totally frustrated

Last night my daughter in law called and said my father in law has been crying because he said he only had $3,000.00 left when he paid off all of his debts when he sold his house. He owes Check N Go $6,400.00 for his car. He said he filed bankruptcy. I am beginning to wonder if he really did because why would he still be getting so many bills from all the people he owes money to? I think he is lying to everyone, hoping my son and daughter in law will feel sorry for him. My husband and I are looking like the bad people now. We were the ones that offered our house to him to live with us for free. He does not want to live with us he said he will live in his car. He has pawned the watch my husband gave him and claims he pawned a T.V. that he bought brand new. Everything is a lie. He is the one lying. But he wants it to look like we are the bad guys. My son tells his wife that my husband and I don't want to help my father in law. We do want to help him. We just refuse to give him anymore money.

Worried Family, Tuesday February 22, 2005
04:56 PM EST


like everybody else already knows - you and I are in same boat - Ive pretty much come to one conclusion - either leave and totally cut that person out of your life or go with the "if you can't beat'em join'em theory. The few that you find here on this website that are beating this tragic disease - Is exactly what it is "the few"


Compulsive gamblers are a very manipulative breed. It may be that your father-in-law feels he can manipulate his grandson and his wife easier than you and your husband. The truth about all the lies will become obvious to all sooner or later. You seem to be seeing things clearly and should stand strong in your resolve to protect your family and assets. Just my opinion.